Big Ticket Results

Big ticket draws take place on the third day of every month at 2pm GST (3:30 PM IST) in Abu Dhabi, and offer players the chance to win prizes worth millions of dirham or a luxury car, such as a land rover or a BMW. Each draw also consists of multiple lower prize tiers with smaller prizes, with draws sometimes paying out to up to ten winners.

The results for each Big Ticket draw will be shown here as the draw takes place. If you want more details about a recent draw then click the Prize Breakdown button in the table below.

Latest Big Ticket Results

Big Ticket April 2021 Winners
Prize Tier AED Name Ticket Number Country
1st 10,000,000 Shahed Ahmed Moulvifaiz 008335 Bangladesh
2nd 5,000,000 Raman Nambiar Mohan Mohan 291116 India
3rd 350,000 Renji Thomas 075628 India
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Past Big Ticket Results

Big Ticket Results and Winners for 2021
Draw Date Winning Ticket Number Prize Amount (AED)
March 2021 202511 10,000,000
February 2021 291310 15,000,000
January 2021 323601 20,000,000
Big Ticket results from 2020
Big Ticket results from 2019

Dream Car Winners

Alongside each Big Ticket draw there is a dream car draw that gifts a luxury car to one lucky winner. Check out the list of winners below

Dream Car Winners
Promotion Series Name Ticket Number Country
BMW 16 Sujan Shrestha 018152 Nepal
Range Rover 01 Wilma Danthi 001517 India
BMW 15 Dina Daisy Dsilva 018416 India
Jeep 5 Mohammed Wasim 013292 Bangladesh
BMW 14 Anil Madathil 002370 India
Jeep 4 Aadidev Anoop 008919 India
BMW 13 Sujukumar Soman 000225 India
Jeep 03 Bhoja Shettigara Shettigara 012677 India
BMW 12 Mohammed Jahangir 015446 India
Jeep 02 Shinu Rajan 001858 India
BMW 11 Subodh Sudhakaran 008177 India
Jeep 01 Akheesh Puthiyodath 029925 India
BMW 10 Dilshad Rahim 001545 India
Land Rover 19 Mohammed Hamza 002985 India
BMW 09 Nishad Hameed 003222 India
Land Rover 18 Abdul Rehman Haji Shikandar 001600 Pakistan
Land Rover 17 Mohammad Suman Haji Dil Mohammad 000597 Bangladesh
BMW 08 Dwilif Kumar Bhaskaran 003336 India
BMW 07 Hansraj Mukesh Bhatia 001417 India
Land Rover 16 Shipak Barua 00721 Bangladesh
BMW 06 Mangesh Mainde 001462 India
Land Rover 15 Kumara Ganesan 003140 India
Land Rover 14 Moussa Sane 002172 Senegal
Land Rover 13 Ravi Mada 003200 India
Land Rover 12 Jayson Baloloy 001270 Philippines
BMW 05 Livia Nicoleta Mustaciosu 003433 Romania
BMW 04 Shahid Fareed 002528 Pakistan
BMW 03 Dungi Kishore Kumar 003001 India