Holi Bumper Lottery Results

Holi Bumper Lottery 2018 ticket imageThe Holi Bumper Lottery in Punjab is drawn in March what better way to celebrate the victory of good over evil than by winning the first prize of Rs 3 Crores? There's also one second prize of Rs 1 crore and no less than five third prizes of Rs 1 Lakh each.

Tickets cost Rs 500 each

Holi Bumper Results for 2019

The 2019 drawing of this Holi bumper lottery takes place on 25.03.2019 with the numbers being drawn at the Camp Office, Ludhiana like pretty-much all bumper draws in the Punjab State.

Holi Bumper Results 2019
Rank Ticket Numbers Lohri Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBA - DRAW TAKES PLACE 25/03/2019 2 crore
2nd TBA 1 crore
3rd TBA 2.5 Lakh
4th Ending with TBA 1 Lakh
5th Ending with TBA 50,000
6th Ending with TBA 20,000
7th Ending with TBA 1,000
8th Ending with TBA 200