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Did you know you can play the top world lotteries online from India? Whether you want to take part in Mega Millions, Powerball or EuroMillions, it’s easy to buy tickets for top international lotteries in India. There’s no need to visit America or Europe - all you need is a computer or phone.

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usa Powerball
$82 Million
₹610.2 Crore!

Monday 24th January

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usa Mega Millions
$396 Million
₹2,947 Crore!

Tuesday 25th January

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europe EuroMillions
€29 Million
₹244.8 Crore!

Tuesday 25th January

india Lotto India
Play Lotto India Online Now
₹4 Crore!

Tuesday 25th January

uk UK Lotto
£5.4 Million
₹54.5 Crore!

Wednesday 26th January

china Lotto China
₹4.22 Crore!

Tuesday 25th January

usa New York Lotto
$3.6 Million
₹26.8 Crore!

Wednesday 26th January

australia OZ Lotto
$50 Million
₹267.1 Crore!

Tuesday 25th January

india Jaldi 3
Two draws per day!

Sunday 23rd January

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These international lotteries are not subject to Indian gambling restrictions so you can play from anywhere in the country. If you buy lottery tickets online for an international game, you’ll find much higher jackpots than you would for Indian lotteries, often with improved overall chances of winning a prize.

If you would like to win huge international lottery prizes, read the How to Play guide.

Biggest Winners

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