Karunya Results

These are the Karunya results from Kerala State for the last six months. The results begin with the most recent and work back through the year.

Each individual result shows the Draw Number, the winning ticket number, the location it was bought in and the 1st Prize amount

Karunya Results
Draw Number Date Result Location Jackpot Prize Amount
481 Saturday 9th January 2021 KY352208 ERNAKULAM ₹80 Lakhs
480 Saturday 2nd January 2021 KF595246 ERNAKULAM ₹80 Lakhs
479 Saturday 26th December 2020 KN157751 THRISSUR ₹80 Lakhs
478 Saturday 19th December 2020 KM723241 KARUNAGAPALLY ₹80 Lakhs
477 Saturday 12th December 2020 KO507606 CHITTUR ₹80 Lakhs
476 Saturday 5th December 2020 KF221819 KOTTAYAM ₹80 Lakhs
468 Saturday 10th October 2020 KD508706 MOOVATTUPUZHA ₹80 Lakhs
467 Saturday 3rd October 2020 KZ658129 KATTAPPANA ₹80 Lakhs
466 Saturday 26th September 2020 KG815464 THRISSUR ₹80 Lakhs
464 Saturday 12th September 2020 KF254673 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ₹80 Lakhs
462 Saturday 29th August 2020 KC574875 IDUKKI ₹80 Lakhs
459 Saturday 1st August 2020 KV252598 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ₹80 Lakhs
456 Sunday 26th July 2020 KE236932 ALAPPUZHA ₹80 Lakhs
458 Saturday 25th July 2020 KK476809 THRISSUR ₹80 Lakhs

Game Details

How to Play

The weekly Karunya lottery draw is held on Saturday afternoons at 3:00 pm at Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw is overseen by Kerala Lottery officials.

30 lakh tickets are printed in five series. Tickets are printed with two letters - the first is 'K' - and a series of six numbers from 1 to 9.

Take care to save your sales receipt and keep it and your ticket safe. Both these documents will be required to claim any prize you win.

To play the lottery in Kerala, you must be 18 or older. You may take part in Karunya even if you do not live in the state.

The Karunya game was launched with the goal of providing financial aid to Kerala residents who are experiencing critical illness. Players are therefore helping their community, while giving themselves the opportunity to win exciting prizes.


The Karunya game's top prize is Rupees 80 lakhs, while the second prize is Rupees 5 lakhs. The first and second prizes are both common to all series. Players can win cash prizes in a total of eight tiers, plus a consolation prize.

Karunya Lottery Prizes
Category Details Amount (Rs) Odds
I All series 8,000,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
II All series 500,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
III 1 prize per series 100,000 1 in 9,00,000
IV Last 4 digits drawn 20X 5,000 1 in 1,111
V Last 4 digits drawn 20X 2,000 1 in 833
VI Last 4 digits drawn 30X 1,000 1 in 312
VII Last 4 digits drawn 30X 500 1 in 217
VIII Last 4 digits drawn 100X 100 1 in 116
Consolation Prize 4 prizes 8,000 1 in 982

Claiming Prizes

Players should keep both their ticket and the purchase receipt in a safe place, as both will be needed to claim any prize won. For your security, complete the required information on the ticket as soon as possible.

If you're a lucky Karunya winner, you have 30 days from the draw date to claim your prize, so make sure you check your numbers regularly and don't delay in collecting your win.

Here's how to claim a Karunya prize according to how much you've won. For further details, please see how to claim a Kerala Lottery prize.

Wins of Rs.5000 or less may be collected from a lottery agent. For prizes of Rs.1,00,000 or under, visit a District Lottery Office or the Directorate of State Lotteries. If you've been very lucky and won a first or second-tier prize, you will need to visit the Directorate in person. Winners who do not reside in Kerala will also need to go to the Directorate to receive their payout.

India lottery prizes are subject to a 30 percent tax, as they are considered income.