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Kerala Lottery Results

Draw Number: 329

13th August 2020

Jackpot: ₹80 Lakhs
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Lottery Sambad Results

NAGALAND STATE LOTTERIES dear vulture evening
14th August 2020
64H 10971

Jackpot: ₹1 Crore
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USA Mega Millions

14th August 2020

Jackpot: $31,000,000
(₹2.32 Billion)
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Bumper Draw Results

Sikkim Dear 1000 Monthly
8th September 2020
Kerala Monsoon Bumper
4th August 2020
Sikkim Dear 2000 Monthly
1st August 2020

Lottery News

Emirates Loto Paused

Emirates Lotto has been suspended, or "temporarily paused", only months after it launched on 18th April. In an email to subscribers, a representative of Emirates Lotto indicated the pausing of the sale of their collectables was for a planned upgrade.

Saturday 18th July 2020

Lucky Numbers

In India, numerology plays a crucial role in everyday life of people. From choosing license plate numbers to buying a real estate property with a particular number. Here's a look at lucky numbers in India, what makes them lucky, their history and significance.

Lucky Numbers
Big Ticket

The Big Ticket raffle is popular with Indian expatriate workers and travellers and takes palce every month in Abu Dhabi. The draw gives players the opportunity to win hundreds of millions of rupees as well as dream cars such as Land Rovers and BMWs.

Big Ticket