September Big Ticket Results 2019- Series 207 Winners

The Big Ticket The Big 10 Million Series 207 draw took place on 3rd September at 7:30pm Abu Dhabi time (8:30pm IST). The series 207 draw results can be found here detailing all the big winners on the night, including the 10 Million AED first prize winner.

In total there were 10 levels of prizes given away, starting with 10,000 AED for the bottom level and increasing to the top prize, with other big winners in there including 100,000 AED second prize and 90,000 AED third prize.

The winner of the Dream Car Land Rover Series 17 winner is Mohammad Suman Haji Dil Mohammad from Bangladesh, who won with ticket number 000597.

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Big Ticket Series 207 Winners
Prize Tier Prize Amount (AED) Winner Ticket Number Country
1st 10,000,000 Marelie David (Web) 172193 Philippines
2nd 100,000 Renjith Mani (Web) 232325 India
3rd 90,000 Muhammad Waseem Nawaz (Web) 223098 Pakistan
4th 80,000 Tabassum Qureshi Raghu (Web) 239803 India
5th 70,000 Dhanasekar Pandi (Web) 222280 India
6th 50,000 Lamberto E Corpus Jr. (Web) 165274 Philippines
7th 30,000 Shahul Hameed (Web) 139350 India
8th 20,000 Sihabudeen Puthenpeedikayil Hamsa (Store) 053668 India
9th 10,000 Sasi Raghavan (Store) 058373 India
10th 10,000 Abdul Rehman Mohammed Shabeer (Store) 117266 India

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