November Big Ticket Results 2019

The results for the Big Ticket “Fantastic 15” draw will be published here after the draw takes place on the 3rd November 2019. This is the draw for series 209 for the Big Ticket lottery and the winner will take home 15 million AED.

There are nine other prize tiers to be won in the series 209 draw, with prizes ranging from 10,000 AED up to 100,000 AED. Alongside the money winning tickets will be the Dream Car draw, which will gift either a BMW or Land Rover to one lucky winner.

The BMW series 9 winner is Nishad Hameed from India, who won the luxury car with ticket number 003222.

The results for the Big Ticket “Fantastic 15” November 2019 draw in Abu Dhabi are in, and the winner of 15,000,000 AED is Sreenu Sreedharan Nair from India. The ticket number 098165 was announced in front of a live audience in Abu Dhabi, and the winner will take home over 283 million Rupees.

The runner up prize of 100,000 AED went to Zahir Khan from India with ticket number 061736, whilst the third place prize of 90,000 AED was won on ticket number 33183, which belongs to Sidhique Othiyorath from India.

Here is the full list of prize winners and their ticket numbers.

Big Ticket November 2019 Winners
Prize Tier AED Name Ticket Number Country
1st 15,000,000 Sreenu Sreedharan Nair 098165 India
2nd 100,000 Zahir Khan 061736 India
3rd 90,000 Sidhique Othiyorath 331383 India
4th 70,000 Abdul Rasheed Kodaliyil 315105 India
5th 50,000 Rajeev Rajan 014861 India
6th 30,000 George Varghese 151207 India
7th 20,000 Sajith Kumar Sadasivan Nair 285812 India
8th 20,000 Petchimuthu Kasilingam 128020 India
9th 10,000 Shrikant Naik 199183 India
10th 10,000 Arun Babu 179853 India

All winning tickets will be drawn live in the outdoor area of the Arrivals Hall at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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