Durga Puja Bumper Lottery Results

Here are the results for the Durga Puja Lottery in Nagaland for 2021, which was the first year the lottery took place, replacing the Jali Puja Bumper. You'll find all the winning ticket numbers, the rank of prize and the amount in Rupees for all prizes amounts in the Puja Bumper here.

The top prize will be 5 Crores, one of the biggest prizes in India, along with a 2 Crore second prize. Both of these prizes will only be awarded to one ticket matching all five numbers drawn. In total there are six prize levels to win in, starting at Rs 7,000/-.

There are only 1 Lakh tickets being sold without series, making it a very small number of tickets that are on sale so your chances of winning the top prize are much better than other bumper lotteries. Each ticket costs Rs 2,000/-

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Wednesday 22nd September 2021
$490 Million
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Dear Durga Puja Bumper Results for 2021

The results for the Durga Puja Bumper draw in Nagaland for 2021 can be found in the table below

Punjab Diwali Bumper Results 8th November 2021
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st PrizeTBC₹5 Crore
2nd PrizeTBC₹1 Crore
3rd PrizeTBC50 Lakh
4th PrizeTBC₹9,000/-
5th PrizeTBC₹8,000/-
6th PrizeTBC₹7,000/-