September Big Ticket Results 2015- Series 159 Winners

The Big Ticket Bigger Big Ticket Series 159 draw took place on 3rd September at 7:30pm Abu Dhabi time (8:30pm IST). The series 159 draw results can be found here detailing all the big winners on the night, including the 2 Million AED first prize winner.

In total there were 15 levels of prizes given away, starting with 5,000 AED for the bottom level and increasing to the top prize, with other big winners in there including 50,000 AED second prize and 40,000 AED third prize.

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Big Ticket Series 159 Winners
Prize Tier Prize Amount (AED) Winner Ticket Number Country
1st 2,000,000 Mr. Poyilil Kunhammad (Store) 16744 India
2nd 50,000 Mr. Manoharan Subramaniam (Web) 18990 India
3rd 40,000 Mrs. Sreena Manoj Kumar (Web) 19884 India
4th 30,000 Mr. Vijay Bajrangi Singh (Web) 20947 India
5th 20,000 Mr. Zayed Badar Omair Saleh Al Ameri (Store) 00341 United Arab Emirates
6th 10,000 Mr. Kailasam Chandrasekaran (Web) 23827 India
7th 10,000 Mr. Nishad Kompan (Web) 03262 India
8th 5,000 Pierre Michel Charbel (Store) 16700 Lebanon
9th 5,000 Mr. Moosakutty Nisar (Store) 10400 India
10th 5,000 Mr. Liton Kanti Dey (Store) 14981 Bangladesh
11th 5,000 Mr. Hareesh Kumar Sivan (Store) 11811 India
12th 5,000 Mr. Shafik Puthen Veettil (Store) 02311 India
13th 5,000 Mr. Rakesh Ravindran (Web) 19777 India
14th 5,000 Mr. Fadi Elias (Web) 23924 Syria
15th 5,000 Mrs. Karthyayani Keerakkaean (Store) 03722 India

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