Akshaya Lottery

The Akshaya Lottery takes place in Kerala every Wednesday. Each ticket will cost you Rs 30/-, and that will get you the chance to win the top jackpot prize of ₹60 Lakhs.

These are the Akshaya Lottery results from Kerala for the last six months. The results begin with the most recent at the top and work back through the year. Each individual result shows the Draw Number, the date of the Akshaya draw, the winning ticket number, the location it was bought in and the 1st Prize amount.

Akshaya Lottery Results
Draw Number Date Result Location Jackpot Prize Amount
480 Wednesday 13th January 2021 AS175085 ERNAKULAM ₹70 Lakhs
479 Wednesday 6th January 2021 AJ127101 IRINJALAKUDA ₹70 Lakhs
478 Wednesday 30th December 2020 AW228972 ERNAKULAM ₹70 Lakhs
477 Wednesday 23rd December 2020 AE620096 KOZHIKKODE ₹70 Lakhs
476 Wednesday 16th December 2020 AS468435 ATTINGAL ₹70 Lakhs
475 Wednesday 9th December 2020 AA548999 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ₹70 Lakhs
474 Wednesday 2nd December 2020 AN222347 KOTTAYAM ₹70 Lakhs
473 Wednesday 25th November 2020 AM342702 GURUVAYOOR ₹70 Lakhs
472 Wednesday 18th November 2020 AY456030 GURUVAYOOR ₹70 Lakhs
471 Wednesday 11th November 2020 AM681417 VAIKKOM ₹70 Lakhs
470 Wednesday 4th November 2020 AY267576 NEYYATTINKARA ₹70 Lakhs
469 Wednesday 28th October 2020 AE220631 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
468 Wednesday 21st October 2020 AN333853 CHITTUR ₹70 Lakhs
467 Wednesday 14th October 2020 AE509910 KARUNAGAPALLY ₹70 Lakhs
466 Wednesday 7th October 2020 AN489735 PUNALUR ₹70 Lakhs
465 Wednesday 30th September 2020 AL846510 KANNUR ₹70 Lakhs
463 Wednesday 16th September 2020 AB796407 KOTTAYAM ₹70 Lakhs
461 Wednesday 2nd September 2020 AM605405 ERNAKULAM ₹70 Lakhs
459 Wednesday 19th August 2020 AD 242490 WAYANADU ₹70 Lakhs
457 Wednesday 5th August 2020 AH143181 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
455 Wednesday 22nd July 2020 AL197314 PALAKKAD ₹70 Lakhs

Game Details

How to Play

The Akshaya weekly draw is held on Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 pm at Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. Players must be at least 18 years old.

Akshaya tickets include 12 series of letters. Each ticket is printed with two letters, always starting with 'A' and followed by a second letter, which may be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, or N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z. The two letters are followed by six numbers from 1 to 9.

The game features a total of 1,94436 prizes to be won by lucky Kerala Lottery players.

Players should ensure they keep the ticket purchase receipt, as they will need to present it if they win a prize.


Akshaya players have the chance to win a top prize of ₹60 Lakhs every Wednesday afternoon. The game has eight prize levels as well as consolation prizes of Rs.10,000/- each that can be won by tickets in the other series with the same top-prize winning number.

Akshaya Lottery Prizes
Category Details Amount (Rs) Odds
I All series 65,00,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
II 1 prize per series 2,00,000 1 in 9,00,000
III Last 5 digits drawn once 10,00,000 1 in 9,00,000
IV Last 4 digits drawn 12X 5,000 1 in 1,111
V Last 4 digits drawn 10X 2,000 1 in 833
VI Last 4 digits drawn 20X 1,000 1 in 312
VII Last 4 digits drawn 25X 500 1 in 238
VIII Last 4 digits drawn 60X 100 1 in 117
Consolation Prize 6 prizes 10,000 -

Claiming Prizes

Players who win an Akshaya prize are required to collect their prize within 30 days of the winning draw date. To claim, the winner will need the original lottery ticket. Complete the required information, including winner's name. The receipt for the ticket purchase is also needed to claim.

How to claim depends on the amount won. Rs.5000 and under: Lottery agents can pay out these prizes. Rs.1,00,000 and under: winners will need to claim at a District Lottery Office or the Directorate of State Lotteries. First and second prizes: claim at the Directorate; winners who do not reside in Kerala are also required to claim there.

Kerala Lottery prizes above Rs.10,000 are considered income and a 30 percent tax is applicable.

Visit the FAQ on how to claim a Kerala Lottery prize for more details.