Goa State Lottery

The southwestern coastal state of Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, and it's also one of the 13 Indian states where lotteries are legal.

Goa's Directorate of State Lotteries was established on 23 February 1995 to create and oversee games and draws in the state. On 1 April 2006 it was merged with the National Savings Organisation to form a new department, the Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries (DSSL).

The department finances social welfare schemes in the state via grant-in-aid assistance to the Institute of Public Assistance (Provedoria), which runs programs including assistance for the underprivileged, old age homes, and the Sanjay School for special education. The department also conducts the Small Savings Schemes, with three agencies operating in this area.

Dear Shubhlaxmi Lottery

In November 2020, DSSL and chief minister Pramod Sawant announced the creation of a new lottery, Dear Shubhlaxmi. Each ticket will cost Rs 10, with a weekly draw held at the directorate's office in Panaji. A draw machine will randomly choose the game's winning numbers in accordance with the various Goa Lottery regulations.

Discontinued Goa Lotteries

The Goa State Lottery previously held regular draws for games including Rajshree and Everest that were open to both residents and visitors. Seasonal bumper lotteries also took place throughout the year. The average cost of a ticket was 5-10 rupees. However, all of these games are no longer active.

Rajshree Lottery

The Rajshree Lottery was drawn three times every day:

Players in Goa had the chance to win exciting prizes in each draw:

Everest Lottery

The Everest Lottery (also called Rajshree Everest Budh) was drawn once per day, seven days a week, with prizes of 3 lacs to 11 lacs. The results of the draw were announced by the Directorate every Saturday at 4:30 PM.

Rajshree Monthly Lotteries

Goa's Rajshree Monthly Lottery and Rajshree Royal Monthly Lottery were both drawn once per month. For both games, the prize scheme was as follows:

Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery

The Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery was one of the regular bumper draws held by the The Goa State Lottery. The game featured 2 lakhs tickets with two series A/B and each series including tickets numbered 00000 to 99999. Players could look forward to the following prize scheme:

Rajshree Festival Bumper Lottery

The Rajshree Festival Bumper Lottery featured 5,00,000 tickets numbered from A/B/C/D/E from 00000 to 99999 and these exciting prizes:

Rajshree Holi Bumper Lottery

The Rajshree Holi Bumper Lottery had 3,60,000 tickets numbered from A/B/C/D/E/G from 40000 to 99999, and offered the prize scheme below:

How to claim Goa Lottery prizes

Winners had 60 days from the draw date to claim their prize; how to claim depended on the amount won. Tickets worth up to ₹10,000 lakh could be paid out by lottery retailers. Winners of more than ₹10,000 were required to visit the office of the Director of State Lotteries, Goa.

Players needed the correct documents to collect their winnings, including the original ticket with the winner's name, address, and signature filled out on the back.

For prizes above ₹10,000, winners also had to provide a completed claim form. To claim by registered post, the winner was required to submit a claim form and a copy of the winning ticket.

Other documents required to claim a prize included four passport-sized photographs of the winner, attested by a Notary or 1st Class Magistrate, a copy of the winner’s PAN card, and other proof of identity.