November Big Ticket Results 2020- Series 221

The results for the Big Ticket 15 Million November 2020 draw in Abu Dhabi are in, and the winner of 15,000,000 AED is Nobin Mathew from India. The ticket number 254806 was the big winner of the day will take home over 295 million Rupees.

The runner up prize of 500,000 AED was won by Gibson Jose. Ticket number 328676 was the lucky winner from India. The third prize winner Sheeja Roy Abraham from India wins 100,000 AED with ticket number 151016.

The BMW series 14 winner is Anil Madathil from India, who won the luxury car with ticket number 002370.

Here is the full list of prize winners and their ticket numbers.

Big Ticket November 2020 Winners
Prize Tier AED Name Ticket Number Country
1st 15,000,000 Nobin Mathew 254806 India
2nd 500,000 Gibson Jose 328676 India
3rd 100,000 Sheeja Roy Abraham 151016 India
4th 90,000 Anil Thomas 108304 India
5th 80,000 Francis Kaitharath Poulo 336000 India
6th 70,000 Venkatesh Katta 279751 India
7th 60,000 Kurban Bhagu Khan 322443 India
8th 50,000 Anil Mirchandani 079622 India
9th 40,000 Mujahid Zaman Ahmad Chattha 040832 Pakistan
10th 30,000 Sainul Abideen Koyamunte Purakkal 282790 India

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