Dreaming your Lucky Numbers

dream your lucky lottery numbersOne way to play the lottery is to pick lucky numbers from your dreams. Find out more on this page about using a dream guide to interpret what goes through your mind when you sleep and how to convert this to your lottery selections.

There are various strategies that players use to try and unlock a big lottery win, picking numbers that will hopefully turn out to be very lucky. It may be that you enter personally important numbers such as family birthdays, form a creative pattern on the play slip or just go with random numbers. Dreaming your lucky numbers is another popular method, and some people believe that your dreams can help you to win the lottery.*

The theories below show how you could make your lottery dream come true:

How to Convert Your Dreams into Lottery Numbers

There are times when you wish to dream about winning lottery numbers, but instead, you dream about other visuals. Do not worry! The images or visuals that you see in your dreams could be guiding you towards the lucky numbers. All you need to do is know how to translate those dreams. Use this dream guide to convert your dreams into lucky lottery numbers:

Convert Your Dreams

Enter words, events, a person or an object name from your dream, then hit the analyse button to find out the corresponding number that you should play.


Whenever you intuitively feel that your dream is right, that is the best time to play your numbers and live your dream.

Lucid Dreaming to Win the Lottery

Lucid dreaming is a state in which you put yourself halfway between being awake and asleep. This allows you to visualise events and manifest them in real life. To go into the state of lucid dreaming, you need to set your brain in a hypnotic state. This means you need to be conscious enough not to feel asleep and unconscious enough to be aware of your subconscious mind. Many people use this technique to visualise what they want before going to sleep and manifest everything, including money, love, and the winning lottery numbers.

You can listen to your favourite meditation tape or practice deep breathing to enter the state of lucid dreaming. Once you find out that you are feeling sleepy, yet aware, you can start the process of visualisation. Just ensure that you are breathing deeply, lying flat on your back with your legs extended and not crossed, and your hands are at the side.

One of the simplest ways to picture the winning numbers through lucid dreaming is to imagine writing a number on a board with chalk. Once you have done that, remember the number you wrote. Then, visualise wiping off the number written on the imaginary chalkboard. After that, you can imagine the next number and write it on the board. Keep doing that until you have the complete lottery number. Also, you can keep a notepad and a pen by the bed to write down the numbers as they occur.

*It's important to remember that lotteries are random, so there is no way to actually increase your chances of winning other than by buying more entries! This article is for entertainment only.