Sikkim State Lottery

The Sikkim State Lottery is run by the government of Sikkim, which also runs the biggest lottery company in India, Playwin. The Sikkim State Lottery offers the daily Dear Morning draw as well as a number of Bumper draws. Players must note that these schemes can change from time to time with short notice from the Sikkim State.


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Sikkim Bumper Draws

These Bumper draws were scheduled for the Sikkim State during 2019. Remember the laws restrict bumper draws to a maximum of six per year.

Sikkim Bumper Lottery Draws 2019
Name Draw Date Ticket Price (Rs) 1st Prize Amount (Rs)
Sankranti Bumper 22.01.2019 500 2 Crore
Saraswati Bumper 14.02.2019 200 1.25 Crore
Shri Holi Bumper 19.03.2019 100 1.00 Crore
Baisakhi Bumper 16.04.2019 200 1.50 Crore

The following draws all took place in 2018

Sikkim Shri Puja Bumper Lottery Draws 2018
Name Draw Date Ticket Price (Rs) 1st Prize Amount (Rs)
Shri Puja Bumper 20.10.2018 100 1 Crore
Kali Puja Bumper 09.11.2018 100 1 Crore
Diwali Puja Bumper 12.11.2018 2000 5 Crores

Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery Scheme

The Dear Morning Lottery Scheme gives Indian lottery players the opportunity to win a top prize of Rs. 25 Lacs each day of the week. The tickets are numbered 68 to 99/ABCDEGHJKL 00 000 TO 99 999. Draws take place at 11:55AM onwards and are used by Sambad Lottery for their 11:55am daily draw results

Dear Morning results

Buying Tickets

Players can buy tickets for the Sikkim Dear Morning and Bumper draws at an authorised lottery retailer.

How to Claim

Prizes above Rs. 10,000 must be claimed using a claim form, available from the Sikkim State Lottery. If you win a prize, ensure that you sign the back of your winning ticket and include your address in case the ticket gets lost and to prevent someone from using your ticket to claim a prize.

Expired Sikkim Lottery Games

Lottery games come and go all over the World and Sikkim State is no exception. Here are a few of the old or expired games which are no longer available, with links to the results

Bigwin Jackpot

The BigWin Jackpot is an expired game which took place in 2018. Click here for Bigwin details and results.

Derby Weekly Scheme

The Derby Scheme was played every Thursday from 12th July to 11th October in 2018. The price of a ticket was Rs. 50 and the top prize was Rs. 11 Lacs. Click Here to view the Derby Weekly Results

Sikkim Dear Evening Lottery Scheme

The Dear Evening Lottery Scheme gave players the opportunity to win a top prize of Rs. 25 Lacs each day of the week. However, this Scheme finished on 23rd September 2018 to be replaced by the Big Win Scheme. An archive of the results can be found on the following pages...

Dear Delight Monday -   Dear Great Tuesday -   Dear Vigor Wednesday -   Dear Energy Thursday
  Dear Dignity Friday -   Dear Tough Saturday -   Dear Zeal Sunday