Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is a lottery game that offers three chances to win ₹1 Crore every day at 1pm, 6pm and 8pm across multiple states in India. All the draws take place in Nagaland at the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries, P.R. Hill Junction, Nagaland, Kohima – 797001. You can find the results for all Lottery Sambad draws on the results page.

The lottery sambad result for today is posted in the table below with a link to further results for today:

Lottery Sambad Results Today
Date Draw Time Draw Winning Number Jackpot

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More Sambad Results

The Lottery Sambad draw is also often referred to as the Dear 1 Crore Lottery due to its regular fixed jackpot amount, and you can find the results for the 1 Crore Lottery here. More information on the other prizes you can win are posted below.

The Indian Supreme Court has determined that individual states may decide whether they want to legally allow lotteries. The following states allow Lottery Sambad:

West Bengal has the most players of any state in India for this game, and as such West Bengal wins the most Lottery Sambad prizes.

Lottery Sambad Schemes and Prizes

There are multiple different schemes that take place for Lottery Sambad depending on both the draw day and draw time. You can find all the different schemes in the table below that correspond to their day and time

Lottery Sambad Draw Schemes and Draw Times
Draw Day 1pm Draw 6pm Draw 8pm Draw
Monday Dear Ganga Morning Dear Sun Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning Dear Moon Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Wednesday Dear Torsa Morning Dear Mercury Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
Thursday Dear Padma Morning Dear Venus Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
Friday Dear Hooghly Morning Dear Earth Friday Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning Dear Mars Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning Dear Jupiter Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

Lottery Sambad prizes are the same between all schemes and draw times, and details of the prize amounts can be found in the table below. The jackpot for Lottery Sambad is ₹1 Crore when you include the Super Prize amount.

Lottery Sambad Prizes
Rank Prize Amount Winners and Method Total Morning winners Total Afternoon Winners Total Evening Winners
1st ₹1 Crore 1x on all digits and series 1 1 1
Consolation ₹1,000/- All digits on remaining series 499 259 699
2nd ₹9,000 Five digits all series 5,000 2,600 7,000
3rd ₹450/- Four digits all series 50,000 26,000 70,000
4th ₹250/- Four digits all series 50,000 26,000 70,000
5th ₹120/- Four digits all series 50,000 26,000 70,000