Arunachal Lottery

Arunachal State Lottery draws take place three times every day. First prize in each of these 'Singam' draws is Rs. 26.03 lakhs, and there are also many other prizes on offer, ranging from Rs. 120 to Rs. 9,500. Tickets for each draw cost Rs. 6 and are available from lottery vendors across the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Lotteries Draw Schedule

Arunachal lotteries take place every day in Itanagar, and each daily draw has a different name. Singam Stack, for example, takes place every Saturday, and Singam Heap draws are held every Friday. All other aspects of these games – prizes, ticket prices, and draw times – are the same.

There are three draws every day: the morning draws take place at 10:55am, the noon draws at 3:00pm, and the evening draws at 7:00pm. The table below shows the days on which each Arunachal Lottery draw takes place – follow the links in the table to see the latest results for each draw.

Arunachal Lottery Schemes
Draw Name Draw Day Latest Results
Singam Stack Saturday Singam Stack results
Singam Volcano Sunday Singam Volcano results
Singam Peak Monday Singam Peak results
Singam Summit Tuesday Singam Summit results
Singam Pinnacle Wednesday Singam Pinnacle results
Singam Cliff Thursday Singam Cliff results
Singam Heap Friday Singam Heap results

How to Play Arunachal Lottery Games

Enter one of the daily Arunachal lotteries by buying a ticket from any lottery vendor in the state – tickets for every draw cost Rs. 6. Your ticket will include a unique eight-digit combination, consisting of a three-digit serial number (two numbers and a letter) followed by five more numbers. For example: 12A 34567.

Once you have your ticket, look out for the results of the draw and check if the combination on your ticket matches one of those selected in the lottery. You can win by matching all or just some of the winning numbers.


First prize in each Arunachal lottery draw is Rs. 26.03 lakhs and you win it by matching all eight digits of the winning combination in the right order. If you do not match the three-digit serial number but match the five-number combination that follows it, you win the consolation prize. There are also over 100 other prizes given away in each draw. The table below shows all the prizes available and how to win them.

Arunachal Singam Lottery Prizes
Prize Prize Amount Number of Winners How to Win
1st Prize Rs. 26.03 lakhs 1 Match the 1st Prize combination exactly
Consolation Prize Rs. 9,500 1 Match the last five numbers of the 1st Prize combination
2nd Prize Rs. 9,000 10 Match one of the 2nd Prize combinations (all serials)
3rd Prize Rs. 500 10 Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 3rd Prize combinations (all serials)
4th Prize Rs. 250 10 Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 4th Prize combinations (all serials)
5th Prize Rs. 120 100 Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 5th Prize combinations

You must match the winning combinations in exactly the same order. If you match the numbers but in a different order, you do not win the advertised prize. All Arunachal State Lottery prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the draw.

The new Arunachal lotteries described above replaced the Labhlaxmi, Dear 50, and Dear Gold 20 draws, which have now come to an end.