Meghalaya Lottery

The Meghalaya Lottery offers players in the state the chance to win up to Rs. 29 lakh three times a day, every day of the week. The Future Daily Lottery has a morning, noon, and evening draw every day and thousands of prizes are given away in each one. Find out more about the Meghalaya Lottery on this page and go to the Meghalaya Future Lottery Results page to see the latest winning numbers.

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Draw Schedule

The Meghalaya Future Daily Lottery gives you the chance to win a Rs. 29 lakh First Prize three times a day. The draws are given a different name for each day of the week. For example, Sunday’s draws are named Future Brook, Monday’s are named Future Stream, and so on. You can view each draw name in the table below, along with its draw day.

Draw Name Draw Day
Future Brook Sunday
Future Stream Monday
Future Torrent Tuesday
Future Flush Wednesday
Future Cascade Thursday
Future Drought Friday
Future Inlet Saturday

There’s a morning draw at 12:55pm every day, a Noon (or Day) draw at 4:30pm, and an Evening draw at 6:30pm. Tickets for all of these draws cost Rs. 6 each.

How to Play Meghalaya Lottery Games

You can buy entries for the Future Daily Lottery from licensed retailers across Meghalaya. You will receive a ticket with a unique eight-digit combination, which consists of a two-digit serial number from 46 to 99, followed by a series letter from A-L, and then a five-digit number from 00000 to 99999.

The objective of the game is to match some or all of the numbers on your ticket with those selected in the lottery. There’s just one winning First Prize code, so you have one chance to win it in each draw, but multiple winning numbers are drawn in many of the other prize ranks, giving you lots of chances to win.

Meghalaya Lottery Prizes

The Future Daily Lottery is named differently on each draw but the prizes that you can win are the same throughout the week. The table below displays what you can win, how many individual prizes are given away in each rank, and what you have to do to win each one.

Prize Rank Total No. Prizes Prize Amount How to Win
1st Prize 1 ₹29 lakh Match the First Prize number (inc. serial and series)
Consolation Prize 540 ₹12,500 Match the Cons. Prize number (all series)
2nd Prize 5,400 ₹10,000 Match one of 10 2nd Prize numbers (all series)
3rd Prize 54,000 ₹800 Match one of 10 3rd Prize numbers (all series)
4th Prize 54,000 ₹500 Match one of 10 four-digit 4th Prize numbers (all series)
5th Prize 5.4 lakh ₹250 Match one of 100 four-digit 5th Prize numbers (all series)

The number of available prizes displayed in the table are across all series. For example, one five-digit number will be selected for the Consolation Prize and all players who have the matching number – across all 540 series – win that amount.