Nirmal Lottery Results

These are the Nirmal Weekly Lottery results from India for the last six months. The results begin with the most recent at the top and work back through the year.

Each individual result shows the Draw Number, the winning ticket number, the location it was bought in and the 1st Prize amount

Nirmal Lottery Results
Draw Number Date Result Location Jackpot Prize Amount
220 Friday 16th April 2021 NB447460 IRINJALAKUDA ₹70 Lakhs
219 Friday 9th April 2021 NN748636 ERNAKULAM ₹70 Lakhs
218 Friday 2nd April 2021 NG327140 IRINJALAKUDA ₹70 Lakhs
217 Friday 26th March 2021 NT234829 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
216 Friday 19th March 2021 NJ317446 ATTINGAL ₹70 Lakhs
215 Friday 12th March 2021 NV569924 VAIKKOM ₹70 Lakhs
214 Friday 5th March 2021 NB787771 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
213 Friday 26th February 2021 NN388692 KOTTAYAM ₹70 Lakhs
212 Friday 19th February 2021 NM180355 KANNUR ₹70 Lakhs
211 Friday 12th February 2021 NT743410 KARUNAGAPALLY ₹70 Lakhs
210 Friday 5th February 2021 NL517047 ATTINGAL ₹70 Lakhs
209 Friday 29th January 2021 NT505056 PAYYANUR ₹70 Lakhs
208 Friday 22nd January 2021 NF802248 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
207 Friday 15th January 2021 NS794620 PAYYANUR ₹70 Lakhs
206 Friday 8th January 2021 NG148887 ERNAKULAM ₹70 Lakhs
205 Friday 1st January 2021 NR673025 KATTAPPANA ₹70 Lakhs
204 Friday 25th December 2020 NM426487 IDUKKI ₹70 Lakhs
203 Friday 18th December 2020 NY444808 NEYYATTINKARA ₹70 Lakhs
202 Friday 11th December 2020 NA613424 THRISSUR ₹70 Lakhs
201 Friday 4th December 2020 NY246268 IDUKKI ₹70 Lakhs
200 Friday 27th November 2020 NB201323 KOLLAM ₹70 Lakhs
199 Friday 20th November 2020 NT894706 KOTTAYAM ₹70 Lakhs
198 Friday 13th November 2020 NF786186 KOTTAYAM ₹70 Lakhs
197 Friday 6th November 2020 NT131387 THAMARASSERY ₹70 Lakhs
196 Friday 30th October 2020 ND638915 ALAPPUZHA ₹70 Lakhs

Game Details

How to Play

The Nirmal game was launched on 7th October 2017 and continues to be drawn every Friday at 3:00 pm at Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw is supervised by Kerala Lottery staff members.

The draw time is perfect for celebrating the end of the working week and putting cash in your pocket before the weekend starts.

Tickets are printed in seven series and cost Rs. 100 each. The higher price reflects the larger prize amounts available to be won.

Like the other weekly Kerala lotteries, Nirmal features a ticket beginning with two letters, followed by six numbers from 1 through 9. In the Nirmal game the first letter is 'N'. The second letter may be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, or N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z.

It's important to retain your ticket purchase receipt and keep both the receipt and the ticket in a safe location. You will need to present both of them in order to collect a prize.

To buy lottery tickets in India, you must be age 18 or above. Players do not have to live in Kerala in order to purchase Nirmal tickets.

Revenue from the Nirmal lottery assists with funding Kerala's sanitation and waste management, as well as improving the natural environment in the state.


Nirmal players have the chance to win a weekly first prize of Rupees 70 lakhs and a second prize of Rupees 10 lakhs. The top two prizes are common to all series.

Karunya Lottery Prizes
Category Details Amount (Rs) Odds
I All series 7,000,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
II 1 prize per series 1,000,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
III Last 5 digits drawn 1X 100,000 1 in 4,50,000
IV Last 4 digits drawn 10X 5,000 1 in 9,720
V Last 4 digits drawn 12X 1,000 1 in 1,000
VI Last 4 digits drawn 24X 500 1 in 312
VII Last 4 digits drawn 32X 100 1 in 217
Consolation Prize 6 prizes 8,000 1 in 982

Claiming Prizes

All players should fill out the required details on the ticket, and then keep both ticket and purchase receipt in a safe place - if you win a prize, you'll need to present both documents.

Nirmal prizes must be claimed within 30 days from the winning draw date. Visit the FAQ on how to claim a Kerala Lottery prize for further details.

Prizes of Rs.5000 or less can be paid out by any lottery agent. Winners of Rs.1,00,000 or below will need to go to a District Lottery Office or the Directorate of State Lotteries. Super-lucky first or second prize winners will need to make a trip to the Directorate. Winners who are not Kerala residents are also required to claim at the Directorate.

Kerala lottery prizes are treated as income and have a 30 percent tax applied.