Win-Win Lottery Results

These are the win-win Lottery results from India for the last six months. The results begin with the most recent at the top and work back through the year.

Each individual result shows the Draw Number, the winning ticket number, the location it was bought in and the 1st Prize amount

Win-Win Lottery Results
Draw Number Date Result Location Jackpot Prize Amount
574 Monday 20th July 2020 WM187835 KOLLAM ₹75 Lakhs
573 Monday 13th July 2020 WU234067 KOTTAYAM ₹75 Lakhs
572 Monday 6th July 2020 WE164143 ALAPPUZHA ₹75 Lakhs
557 Monday 23rd March 2020 WU225896 KOZHIKKODE ₹75 Lakhs
556 Monday 16th March 2020 WD864122 IDUKKI ₹75 Lakhs
555 Monday 9th March 2020 WV331766 ERNAKULAM ₹75 Lakhs
554 Monday 2nd March 2020 WG196758 KOZHIKKODE ₹75 Lakhs
553 Monday 24th February 2020 WN684973 KOLLAM ₹65 Lakhs