July Big Ticket Results 2024- Series 264 Winners

The Big Ticket The Grand Prize 10 Million Series 264. draw took place on 3rd July at 7:30pm Abu Dhabi time (8:30pm IST). The series 264 draw results can be found here detailing the big winner on the night, including the 10 Million AED first prize winner. We will have the winners name, country and ticket number displayed in the table so you can easily find out who the Big Ticket Series 264 winner is here.

Big Ticket draws used to have multiple levels of winners, but now there is just the grand prize winner announced along with the draw car winner. If you live in Abu Dhabi though you might want to consider visiting the live draw, as multiple on the spot prizes are given away to those in attendance.

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Big Ticket Series 264 Winners
Prize Tier Prize Amount (AED) Winner Ticket Number Country
1st 10,000,000 Raisur Rahman Anisur Rahman 078319 India
2nd 100,000 Chatura Kuruppu Nanayakkara 239782 Sri Lanka
3rd 100,000 Jyothi Gangadharan Krishnan 235651 India
4th 100,000 Arfah Ibrahim 136070 Pakistan
5th 100,000 Subhash Dharman 002111 India
6th 100,000 Subhash Chandrabose 076951 India
7th 100,000 Zhanna Makhmutova 089035 Russia
8th 100,000 TBC 035002 TBC
9th 100,000 Chinnachimuthu Easwaran 293533 India
10th 100,000 Staby Edakkalathur Johny 022042 India
11th 100,000 Ahmad Anis Karkanawi 051727 Syria

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