Monsoon Bumper Lottery Results

monsoon bumper lottery ticket 2018 image

The Monsoon Bumper Lottery takes place every month of July in Kerala State, India. Tickets have a face value of Rs 150 and are usually sold in five series

These are the results from recent Monsoon Bumper draws. Only the results for the Category Prize I (1st prize) are listed below. Consolation prizes usually go to players with the same number ticket as the 1st prize winning number, but in one of the other four series.

Please click the year of the results you require in order to see the full breakdown for each draw.

Remember, winners have only 30 days in which to claim their prize and to provide proof of ownership of the ticket and proof of identity, so check your results as soon as possible.

Draw Year Lottery Number 1st Prize 1st Prize Amount (Rs)
Monsoon Bumper 2018 (Download) BR-62 MA 285710 4 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2017 (Download) BR-56 MA 309412 3 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2016 (Download) BR-50 MA 326125 3 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2015 (Download) BR-44 MD 479820 3 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2014 (Download) BR-38 NA 248610 2 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2013 (Download) BR-32 MA 516453 2 Crore
Monsoon Bumper 2012 (Download) BR-26 MC 133313 2 Crore