Sthree Sakthi Lottery

These are the Sthree Sakthi Lottery results from India for the last six months. The results begin with the most recent at the top and work back through the year.

Each individual result shows the Draw Number, the winning ticket number, the location it was bought in and the 1st Prize amount

Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results
Draw Number Date Result Location Jackpot Prize Amount
244 Tuesday 12th January 2021 SR702260 ALAPPUZHA ₹75 Lakhs
243 Tuesday 5th January 2021 SE648142 VADAKARA ₹75 Lakhs
242 Tuesday 29th December 2020 SZ140911 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ₹75 Lakhs
241 Tuesday 22nd December 2020 SA312075 CHITTUR ₹75 Lakhs
240 Tuesday 15th December 2020 SV647444 KARUNAGAPALLY ₹75 Lakhs
239 Thursday 10th December 2020 SM864192 CHERTHALA ₹75 Lakhs
238 Tuesday 1st December 2020 SU161958 PALAKKAD ₹75 Lakhs
228 Tuesday 22nd September 2020 SS837070 THRISSUR ₹75 Lakhs
226 Tuesday 8th September 2020 SY184508 THRISSUR ₹75 Lakhs
224 Tuesday 25th August 2020 SX254895 KOTTAYAM ₹75 Lakhs
222 Tuesday 11th August 2020 SW 587042 THRISSUR ₹75 Lakhs
220 Tuesday 28th July 2020 SY534257 ALAPPUZHA ₹75 Lakhs
219 Tuesday 21st July 2020 SK447584 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ₹75 Lakhs

Game Details

How to Play

The Sthree Shakthi weekly draw is held at 3:00 pm every Tuesday at Gorky Bhavan near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. Draws are supervised by lottery officials.

Each ticket costs Rs.30 and the first prize is 75 lakhs. 108 lakh tickets in 12 series are issued every day. Lottery players are required to be 18 years old or above to purchase a ticket.

The money raised by the game contributes to the Kerala government's funding, and specifically supports programs that empower women in the state.

The game's prefix is "SS-" followed by the three-digit draw number. Tickets feature two letters in the series - the first letter is "S", followed by a second letter and six numbers.

Until 2016, Sthree Shakthi was called Dhanushree and the ticket price was previously Rs.40.


Sthree Sakthi offers a first prize of 75,00,000 and has a total of eight prize levels plus the consolation prize.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery Prizes
Category Details Amount (Rs) Odds
I All series 75,00,000 1 in 1,08,00,000
II All series 10,00,000 1 in 9,00,000
III Last 4 digits drawn 18X 5,00,000 1 in 1,111
IV Last 4 digits drawn 10X 2,000 1 in 714
V Last 4 digits drawn 18X 1,000 1 in 400
VI Last 4 digits drawn 48X 500 1 in 400
VII Last 4 digits drawn 45X 200 1 in 227
VIII Last 4 digits drawn 120X 100 1 in 117
Consolation Prize 11 prizes 8,000 -

Claiming Prizes

Sthree Sakthi winners must claim their prize within 30 days of the draw date.

Prizes of Rs.5000 and below may be collected from lottery agents. Winners of Rs.1,00,000 or below can claim their prize in person at a District Lottery Office or the Directorate of State Lotteries. First and second prizes may be claimed at the Directorate, and winners who are not residents of Kerala must also claim there.

Indian lottery winnings are treated as income. Prizes above Rs.10,000 are subject to a 30 percent tax.

For more information, please see how to claim a Kerala Lottery prize.