Mizoram Lottery

Mizoram State Lotteries runs various weekly and monthly draws, offering a range of top prizes. The state's series of 'Magic' draws take place on a weekly basis, with different prizes available each day. There is also one monthly draw and an annual Bumper Lottery that takes place around the festival of Basant Panchami.

Below you can see the different weekly and monthly lotteries that take place in Mizoram, along with the draw schedule, ticket prices and First Prize amounts for each.

Mizoram Lottery Schemes
Lottery Draw Schedule Ticket Cost First Prize
Basant Panchami Bumper February Rs. 250 Rs. 1 crore
Rajshree Magic 20 Weekly Sunday Rs. 20 Rs. 1.5 lakhs*
Rajshree Magic 30 Weekly Saturday Rs. 30 Rs. 2.5 lakhs*
Rajshree Magic 50 Weekly Monday Rs. 50 Rs. 5.5 lakhs*
Rajshree Magic 100 Weekly Wednesday Rs. 100 Rs. 6 lakhs
Rajshree 500 Monthly 2nd Tuesday of each month Rs. 500 Rs. 11 lakhs*
*Including Super Prize

Note that the Magic Weekly draws listed on this page replaced the weekly online lottery draws that were held up until December 2019.

All draws are conducted by the Institutional Finance and State Lottery Government of Mizoram and are held at Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl – 796 001, Mizoram. All draws take place at 5:00pm onwards, with the exception of the Basant Panchami Bumper, which takes place at 2:00pm onwards.

You can buy tickets for all of these lotteries from authorised retailers around the state, and results are available online soon after each draw. You cannot buy a Mizoram Lottery ticket online, but you can choose from a range of other games – just go to the Lottery Tickets page and select the game you want to play.

Basant Panchami Bumper Lottery

The Mizoram State Lottery holds this annual draw to celebrate the Basant Panchami festival (also known as Sarasvati Puja), which marks the beginning of the spring season. The festival usually falls in late January or February, so the associated Bumper Lottery tends to take place in February.

The 2021 Basant Panchami draw took place on Thursday 18th February and tickets cost Rs. 250 each. The First Prize was worth Rs. 1 crore, making it the biggest lottery prize available in the state of Mizoram. There were over 40,000 prizes and nearly Rs. 3 crore in prize money on offer in total.

Rajshree Magic 20 Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Magic 20 is the lowest-cost lottery available in Mizoram and takes place every Sunday. For an entry fee of Rs. 20 you can win up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs in prize money. There are five series of tickets numbered from 0000 to 9999 and to win the top prize you must match the correct series and four-digit number exactly.

Rajshree Magic 30 Weekly Lottery

Magic 30 takes place every Saturday and offers a First Prize of Rs. 2.5 lakhs (including Super Prize). Like the state's other Magic Weekly lotteries, you win by matching the series and four-digit number with the First Prize combination randomly generated in the draw.

Rajshree Magic 50 Weekly Lottery

Drawn every Monday, the Rajshree Magic 50 lottery offers over Rs. 12 lakhs in prize money, including a First Prize of Rs. 5.5 lakhs. Like Mizoram's other weekly lotteries, you must match the randomly generated five-digit combination (one serial from A to E and four numbers from 0000 to 9999) to win.

Rajshree Magic 100 Weekly Lottery

The Rajshree Magic 100 lottery is the biggest weekly draw in Mizoram and offers a First Prize of Rs. 6 lakhs (including Super Prize). There are six series (A-G) of 10,000 tickets (numbered 0000 to 9999) and unlike the other Magic Weekly lotteries, two First Prize combinations are selected, instead of just one.

Rajshree 500 Monthly Lottery

You can enter the Rajshree 500 Monthly Lottery for Rs. 500 and for that you get the chance to win a First Prize of Rs. 11 lakhs (including the Super Prize amount). The draws take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and there’s a total prize fund worth over Rs. 23 lakhs on offer in each one.

To claim a prize for any of these lotteries, you must download the winners form below and send it to the Institutional Finance and State Lottery Government of Mizoram – the address is stated on the form. You should also add four passport sized photographs, the winning lottery ticket and a notarized photocopy of the original winning ticket. All these steps are to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the ticket and the true winner of any associated prizes.

Mizoram Winners Claim Form

All prizes are paid in the form of cheque/demand draft or direct transfer to the winners account after necessary charges are deducted, such as income tax.