Mumbai Man Conned

Mumbai Man Conned September 5th 2019 13:06

A 25-year-old man who works in a supermarket has in Andheri West has just been conned out of approximately Rs 1.30 lakh by a pair of tricksters claiming to be representatives from a lottery show.

The victim, Mohsin Shirgaonkar, said that he had been using a social media app in June when he received a picture-message informing him of a lottery win from a well known television show. All he had to do to claim his prize was transfer small amounts of “taxation money” into an account to receive his Rs 25 lakh prize. “The message also displayed a four-digit pin code and I was instructed to pass that code on a WhatsApp number so that the executives can get in touch with me and shall transfer the amount,” he said. Shirgaonkar thought he had been fortunate and paid the amounts requested, but never received any prize money. It was at this stage that he reported the case to the Versova Police.

An investigating office said: "The complainant deposited the money using Paytm and the Pay One application and kept faith over hoax assurances of the accused. When the victim realised about the fraud, he approached the police and blocked those numbers on WhatsApp after which he started getting calls on his phone from his own number, because of which tracking the accused have become more challenging. This indicates that the accused had hacked the phone for demanding money.”

The duo that contacted Shirgaonkar called themselves Imran and Pratap and always used Pakistani phone numbers through WhatsApp, but were never available to receive calls or video chats.

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