Mahashivratri Bumper Results

Mahashivratri Bumper Lottery 2021 ticket image
Punjab Mahashivratri Bumper Ticket

The Punjab Dear Mahashivratri Bumper takes place on 12-03-2021 and the results can be found right here. The top prize is 5 Crores and is guaranteed to be won as the winning raffle number will only be drawn from the ticket numbers that have been sold. Tickets cost just ₹500/- which makes it one of the cheapest bumper lotteries to enter and very exciting considering the top prize must be won.

In total there are six prize levels, starting at a prize of ₹1,000/- which will be won by 5,000 players and growing in size but won by fewer players up to the single first prize winner. In total 10 Lakh tickets are being sold for the draw.

You can find the results for the Punjab Mahashivratri Bumper 2021 in the table below.

Punjab Mahashivratri Bumper Results 2021
Rank Ticket Numbers Mahashivratri Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 5 Crore- One guaranteed winner
2nd TBC 11 Lakh
3rd TBC 9,000/-
4th TBC 7,000/-
5th TBC 5,000/-
6th TBC 1,000/-