Rickshaw Owner Wins Rs 35 lakh

Rickshaw Owner Wins Rs 35 lakh October 10th 2019 10:47

Rickshaw owner Gaur Das has become an overnight sensation in his village of Guskara, Purba Barddhaman district after he won the Nagaland State Lottery. The West Bengal resident won Rs 50 lakh on Sunday, September 29th on a lottery ticket he never intended to buy in the first place.

Das was supposed to be attending a picnic with members of his local worker's union, but this got cancelled due to heavy rain showers. So, on his way home he happened to pass a very persistent lottery ticket vendor who insisted that this could be Das’ lucky day if he purchased a ticket from him. Das only had Rs 70 on him, but after much persuading from the ticket seller gave up and bought a ticket for Rs 30 anyway. It turned out that Lady Luck was on Das’ side after all, as he went to his nearest lottery shop on Sunday to check his ticket to find that he had won Rs 50 lakh!

He immediately ran home to tell his wife about the good news but didn’t tell anyone else, and on Monday he went to a nearby bank to submit his ticket. Somehow though news had gotten out about his great win, and people have been coming by his house to get a glimpse of the rickshaw man who won the lottery ever since.

Das lives with his wife, three children and widowed mother, so a lottery win will help them all immensely. He told the media that he wishes to build a new and larger house for his family with his winnings, as well as using the money to help educate his children better.

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