QR Codes for Kerala Lottery Tickets

QR Codes for Kerala Lottery Tickets December 13th 2018 14:26

The Finance Minister for Kerala, TM Thomas Isaac has said that the Lottery Department is investigating plans to implement QR codes for all Kerala lottery tickets soon. The idea is that a track-and-trace system will be designed to follow the supply chain of lottery tickets, from the government, through to the agents, and finally to the purchasers.

This will enable authorities to track winners and verify claims far more easily in the future. Currently, lottery tickets have a variety of different marking methods to prove their authenticities, such as micro lines, relief patterns, opaque tests, void pantographs and intricate guilloche patterns. It is hoped that it will, therefore, act as a strong deterrent to fraudsters, which Indian lotteries are prone to.

The minister also released the latest revenue figures for Kerala state lotteries, going back five years:

2017-18 - L9,034.25 crore
2016-17 - L7,394.91 crore
2015-16 - L6,317.73 crore
2014-15 - L5,445.43 crore
2013-14 - L3,793.72 crore

Nurses Donate Mega Millions Winnings to Colleagues

A syndicate of around 126 nurses who recently won $10,000 on the Mega Millions lottery in the USA have all grouped together and decided to donate their winnings to two work colleagues who have gone through some hard times this year.

The nurses worked in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Mercy Children’s Hospital, Missouri and cleared about $7,200 after taxes, but collectively decided they could do more good with the prize money than keep it themselves. So they agreed to make a donation of the entire jackpot to a colleague whose son had just committed suicide, and to another co-worker whose husband was battling against cancer.

“We thought right away that this wasn’t going to make us or break us and it was money we didn’t have before. We needed to help somebody,” said Stephanie Brinkman, who organises the lottery syndicate whenever the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots go into really large numbers, as they both did recently when the Mega Millions jackpot reached a record high of $1.6 billion

Global Lotteries

As we count down till the end of the year we see some massive jackpots available on the world’s biggest lotteries. Starting in America, we have the Powerball offering the main prize this weekend of $246 million while the Mega Millions jackpot is slightly larger at $262 million. In Europe, you could win €85 million on the EuroMillions, and in the UK the National Lottery is at £4.1 million. Some amazing prize money just before the end of the year!

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