New Year Win for Kerala Painter

New Year Win for Kerala Painter January 27th 2022 10:39

A painter from Kerala has started the new year in the best way possible by winning the New Year-Christmas bumper lottery. Sadanandan of Aymananam took the top prize of ₹12 crores but was very lucky to have the winning ticket. Sadanandan has been working as a painter for the last 50 years and is currently working in Kottayam. He had no plans to buy any tickets, but changed his mind at the last minute, and purchased a ticket from a vendor only a few hours before the Sunday draw in Thiruvananthapuram.

Sadanandan told the press, "I bought the prize-winning ticket from Selvan (lottery vendor) this morning when I went to the nearby market for buying meat.” When asked what he was planning on doing with his winnings, he said that he wants to make living conditions better for his children.

24 lakhs tickets were initially printed, but sold out quickly, so another two ticket batches of 9 lakhs and 8 lakhs were then printed to meet demand. The cost of these lottery tickets was ₹300 each. First prize: ₹12 crores, Second Prize: 6 x ₹3 crores, Third Prize: 6 x ₹60 lakhs

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