1 Million Dollar Win for 60-year-Old in Dubai

1 Million Dollar Win for 60-year-Old in Dubai June 24th 2021 12:05

Abraham Joyee became the latest winner of the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire and walked away with the $1 million jackpot. The draw was held on Wednesday, June 16th at Dubai International Airport. Joyee bought his raffle ticket online in May for the MM Series 361 draw and took the top prize with winning ticket number 1031.

The fortunate win came at a good time for Joyee, as his business was facing pressure from the global Corona pandemic. He is the owner of a trading company in Dubai and is the father of two children. Joyee has been participating in DDF promotions for around 15 years and is the 180th Indian national to win the top one million dollar prize since the inaugural Millennium Millionaire draw back in 1999.

Joyee is originally from Kerala, and said of his win, “ The winning money will be injected into my business. I feel so grateful. This is truly an amazing win. I have made my life in Dubai for the past 35 years. Dubai is home to me.” A portion of the winnings will be donated to charity as well.

Shrinath Uchil is another lucky Indian ex-pat, who won the Finest Surprise Series 1775 on winning ticket number 0287 and took home a Mercedes Benz GLE 53 AMG.

Global Lotteries

The Powerball lottery is offering a very tasty $75 million jackpot this week with the Mega Million lottery worth $50 million. The EuroMillions is looking healthy with Friday’s draw worth €55 million to the jackpot winner. In the UK, winning the Lotto top prize would land you £7.3 million.

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