Lottery Win Secures Children's Future

Lottery Win Secures Children's Future September 2nd 2021 13:16

The 19th of August saw fortune smile on four lottery players in Dubai as their numbers came up on the Mahzooz weekly draw. This was the 38th draw of this increasingly popular game and it saw each of the four winners take home AED 250,000 (about Rs 49 lakh).

One of the winners was 54-year-old Suresh, from Kerala. He has been working for an auditing company in the UAE for 14 years, as well as volunteering as a social service worker. He matched five out of six numbers to claim his equal share of the one million dirhams jackpot.

Suresh has been playing the Mahzooz lottery regularly but happened to miss the live draw that he won because he was organising a children’s event for the Indian Independence Day celebrations. He was, however, delighted when he received a phone call from the draw organisers informing him of his shared win later in the day. “August 15 is a memorable day for every Indian, and this year, I have another wonderful reason that has made the day even more special for me.”

Suresh said of his win, “Doing good for people is one of the most important aspects that give a purpose to my life. I have been an active member of a local charity association for the last 14 years and I do my best to help people without expecting anything in return. But now, I feel this is a reward which I received for those acts of kindness.”

He plans to use his winnings to secure the future of his children, as well as helping the less fortunate in his community.

Bumper Lottery

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Global Lotteries

This week sees the US Powerball jackpot at an amazing $367 million, while the Mega Millions top prize is worth an equally huge $323 million. The EuroMillions, meanwhile, could land you a sweet €17 million. The UK Lotto is offering a £20 million jackpot this Saturday, and it must be won this weekend! So play safely here.

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