Indian National scoops record Mahzooz Lottery Win

Indian National scoops record Mahzooz Lottery Win September 1st 2022 12:53

The 17th of August saw Mahzooz lottery history, as the first prize of ten million dirhams was shared equally by two winners. One winner, Nelson, was from the Philippines, while the other, Shanavas, was an Indian national.

In this, the 88th draw of the Mahzooz lottery, the two jackpot winners each took home a AED 5 million share of the top prize, which is around Rs 10.8 crore. Both winners matched five out of five of the winning numbers, 7, 9, 17, 19, 21.

41-year-old Shanavas said of his win,”I remember choosing my numbers randomly without giving it much thought and then I went to work without noticing that my numbers were on the screen during the draw. My biggest surprise was to know that someone else had picked up the same numbers and now shares the top prize with me! I am happy for both of us.”

The Indian father-of-two didn’t even realise he had won until he received a phone call from the organisers on the Sunday after they had made the draw. Shanavas has been living in the UAE for the past 14 years, but only started playing Mahzooz 18 months ago after a friend introduced him to this increasingly popular lottery. But he had never dreamt of winning a jackpot prize such as this. “I have not yet decided how to use my winnings but I know for sure that I will keep working in the UAE because this country has given me the ability to dream and now thanks to Mahzooz, these dreams can be fulfilled.”

The CEO of the Mahzooz Lottery, Farid Samji said at a press conference, “Participants from India and the Philippines top the list of our players, respectively. To date, over 50,000 participants from India have been among Mahzooz’s winners, with over 3000 of them scooping up the first and second prizes. Mahzooz is gaining popularity not only in the UAE, but all over the world. We are seeing an increased participation rate from the region month after month, and this is an indication of the trust the participants have in Mahzooz, thanks to its proven track record.”

Apart from the two jackpot winners, 139 players shared the 2nd prize of one million dirhams, while 3,205 winners each took home AED 350 each. 27 multi-millionaires have been created by the Mahzooz since the game started.

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