Full country on lockdown will delay lottery draws in India

Full country on lockdown will delay lottery draws in India March 24th 2020 16:39

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a complete lockdown of India from Wednesday 25th March at midnight to try and combat the coronavirus spread through the country. The lockdown means that most, if not all, lottery draws in India will be postponed to a later date if tickets have already been sold. If tickets have not been sold then the draws will likely have been cancelled.

Kerala took the step to postpone all lottery draws until April to try and stop the coronavirus spreading through the state, and the rest of India will now have to follow that example. The lockdown will run for a minimum of 21 days and will apply to each of the 36 states and territories.

Full announcements of what will happen to lottery draws will come in the next few days as state lottery organisations decide what is best. Many will follow what Kerala planned and stop selling tickets immediately and schedule draws that were meant to take place in the next 21 days to happen at a later date.

If a draw has not had any tickets sold yet then it will likely be cancelled, rather than rescheduled. This is to stop there being a huge amount of draws in a small-time frame once lotteries are allowed to resume.

Playing Online

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