Big Ticket July Results 205

Big Ticket July Results 205 July 3rd 2019 17:10

The results for the Big Ticket July draw number 205 (THE DREAM 12 MILLION SERIES) in Abu Dhabi are in and the winner of 12,000,000 AED is Sopna Nair, from India, with ticket number 217892.  The jackpot of 12 million AED is nearly 225 Million Rupees!

The runner up and winner of the 2nd prize of AED 100,000 (1.8 million rupees) was Syed Shahzad Ali, who lives in Pakistan with ticket number 212037.

The 3rd prize of AED 90,000 was won by a player who bought his ticket in the arrivals store hall. That ticket was #078327 and was bought by Jose Andre Gomes from India.

Sopna Nair said this was the first raffle she has ever won after purchasing her ticket on June 9th, 2019. Nair is originally from Kollam, Kerala and lives in the UAE with her husband, who is also a Keralite, from Trivandrum. She has lived in the Emirates since 2010, and said of her win: “I didn’t believe this could happen…is this some prank? Never in my life… I can’t believe this!” Nair even had to ask the lottery organisers that phoned her with the good news if she could check her ticket again, to make sure she had actually won.

Here is the full list of prize winners and their ticket numbers.

Big Ticket 205 Winners
Prize Tier AED Name Ticket Number Country
1st 12,000,000 Sopna Nair 217892 India
2nd 100,000 Syed Shahzad Ali 212037 Pakistan
3rd 90,000 Jose Andre Gomes 078327 India
4th 80,000 Suresh Edavana 165219 India
5th 70,000 Mathew Varghese 164381 India
6th 50,000 Radha Krishna Kesani 020874 India
7th 30,000 Nikhat Shabana 193662 India

All winning tickets were drawn live in the outdoor area of the Arrivals Hall at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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BMW Series 07 Winner

The winner of the BMW car was drawn at the same time and the winner was Hansraj Mukesh Bhatia with ticket number 001417.  Hansraj is also from india. 

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