Monsoon Bumper Lottery Results

Below you will find the Monsoon Bumper Lottery results for Bhutan, detailing the winning numbers in each prize tier along with the prize amounts they have each won. Draws take place between July and September yearly, and you will find the specific date of the draw in the results below and labelled ahead of time.

Tickets are sold in one series from 10000 to 59999, so all winning tickets will be in this range. The results below will show the five-digit numbers that have won in prize ranks one through four and then the four- and three-digit codes that win in the fifth and sixth ranks respectively. Check your ticket here from the Monsoon Bumper to see if you have won a prize. If your ticket matches all the five digits in the top four ranks then you have won that prize, but you only have to match the final four or three numbers on your ticket to win in the bottom two tiers.

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Full Monsoon Bumper Result 2023

This is the full prize breakdown for all prize tiers in the 2023 drawing.

Bhutan Monsoon Bumper Results August 2023
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st Prize 55966₹30 Lakh
2nd Prize 50041₹10 Lakh
3rd Prize 29239₹5 Lakh
4th Prize 13570, 51611, 56014₹1 Lakh
5th PrizeEnding With: 0042, 2008, 2883, 2908, 3931, 3966, 4255, 4374, 5268, 7716₹10,000/-
6th PrizeEnding With: 080, 172, 206, 209, 323, 392, 539, 554, 605, 606, 659, 667, 708, 712, 822, 839, 857, 874, 933, 988₹2,000/-

Previous Monsoon Bumper Results

All the previous results from the Monsoon draws in Bhutan will appear after each subsequent annual draw.