Losar Bumper Lottery Results

Here you can find all the results for the Special Losar Bumper Lottery in Bhutan. The lottery results of the Losar bumper draw in Bhutan are eagerly awaited by thousands of participants who have bought tickets for the chance to win millions of Ngultrums in prize money. The Losar lottery results are announced on a specific day, and winners are declared amidst much fanfare and celebration. The anticipation and excitement of the announcement of the results are palpable among the people of Bhutan.

There are six prive levels for the Losar Bumper, starting at Nu. 2,000 for matching the last three digits against those drawn, all the way to the top prize of Nu. 3,000,000 for the single winner matching all five digits.

Remember, winners have only 30 days in which to claim their prize and to provide proof of ownership of the ticket and proof of identity, so check your results as soon as possible.

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Full Losar Bumper Result 2023

This is the full prize breakdown for all prize tiers in the 2023 drawing.

Bhutan Special Losar Bumper Results February 2023
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st Prize 56917₹30 Lakh
2nd Prize 36736₹10 Lakh
3rd Prize 19328₹5 Lakh
4th Prize 16091, 30265, 57865₹1 Lakh
5th PrizeEnding With: 0561, 1298, 1657, 1699, 1922, 5241, 5760, 5883, 6728, 7011₹10,000/-
6th PrizeEnding With: 014, 037, 067, 128, 184, 232, 311, 344, 429, 431, 450, 540, 563, 691, 761, 782, 917, 921, 924, 997₹2,000/-