Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery Results

The Dear Labhlaxmi lottery takes place daily in Sikkim State at 6pm. Scroll down for information on each draw, how to play, and the prizes you can win. There are seven different schemes; Sapphire Sunday, Platinum Monday, Gold Tuesday, Silver Wednesday, Topaz Thursday, Emerald Friday and Ruby Saturday. Each Labh laxmi lottery has a jackpot of ₹10,000 and has a ticket price of just ₹10.

The Dear Labhlaxmi draw has been paused since 28th March. When the draw resumes, the latest results will be shown here.

Today's Labhlaxmi Lottery Result
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Today's Dear Labhlaxmi results will be available shortly.

Draws take place at the Directorate of Sikkim State Lotteries, Finance Department, Deorali, Gangtok, Sikkim-737102, using a mechanical draw machine to randomly select the winning numbers in accordance with the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010.

Previous Dear Labh Laxmi Results

Old Labhlaxmi Lottery Results
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How to Play Dear Labhlaxmi

The price of a ticket is ₹10, with a first prize of ₹10,000 and prizes available on six levels. 2,00,000 tickets are printed for this draw, numbered 80 to 99 / 0000 to 9999.

Players can take part in a different 6:00 PM draw seven days a week:

Dear Labhlaxmi 6PM Lottery Scheme
Day Name
Monday Dear Labhlaxmi Platinum Monday
Tuesday Dear Labhlaxmi Gold Tuesday
Wednesday Dear Labhlaxmi Silver Wednesday
Thursday Dear Labhlaxmi Topaz Thursday
Friday Dear Labhlaxmi Emerald Friday
Saturday Dear Labhlaxmi Ruby Saturday
Sunday Dear Labhlaxmi Sapphire Sunday


Every 6:00 PM Labhlaxmi draw has the same prize amounts, except for the 5th Prize, which is ₹ 200 for Dear Labhlaxmi Charm on Monday and increases daily, up to ₹ 206 for Dear Labhlaxmi Glow on Sunday.

Dear Labhlaxmi 6:00 PM Lottery Prizes
Rank No. of Prizes Amount Draw Method
1 20 ₹10,000 On 1X on 4 digits without series
2 20 ₹5,000 On 1X on 4 digits without series
3 20 ₹500 On 1X on 4 digits without series
4 20 ₹300 On 1X on 4 digits without series
5 20 ₹200-₹206 On 1X on 4 digits without series
6 7,800 ₹100 On 390X on 4 digits without series
Total 7,900 11,00,000 to 11,00,120 -