Dear 1000 Monthly Results

The Dear 1000 Monthly Lottery in Sikkim takes place on the second weekened of each month from 8.00pm onwards. The top prize is 5 Crore split across two series, so two tickets will win 2.50 Crore each. You can find all the draw results here and all the prizes that are won.

There are two series of A/B tickets being printed and sold from 00000 to 99999. Each ticket costs ₹1000/-, making it one of the more expensive bumper lotteries in Sikkim.

The first prize will be split across the two series, but the second prize of 1 Crore will be won by just one ticket. In total there are seven prize tiers, with the bottom prize being ₹3,000/- and then increasing at each tier up to the top prize. You can see all the prizes and results in the table below.

Dear 1000 Monthly Results for 13/02/2021
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 5 Crore
2nd TBC 1 Crore
3rd TBC 20 Lakhs
4th TBC 9,000/-
5th TBC 5,000/-
6th TBC 4,000/-
7th TBC 3,000/-

Past Dear 1000 Monthly Results

Here you can find the results for past Dear 1000 Monthly draws from Sikkim lotteries. Just click the box of the result you wish to view: