Sikkim State Lotteries

The Sikkim State Lottery is run by the government of Sikkim, which also runs the biggest lottery company in India, Playwin. The Sikkim State Lottery offers daily and weekly schemes including the Sikkim Dear Scheme, Derby Scheme and Singam Great Evening draw.

Sikkim Dear Scheme

The Sikkim Dear Scheme gives players the opportunity to win a top prize of Rs. 50 Lacs. Draws take place daily at 16.00 IST and the price of a ticket is Rs. 10. The following draws are played under the Sikkim Dear Scheme:

This table displays the prize tiers and prize amounts for the Dear Scheme:

Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs)
1st 1 50 Lacs
Cons 299 8,000
2nd 3000 9,500
3rd 3000 9,000
4th 30000 1,000
5th 30000 600
6th 300000 250

Derby Scheme

The Derby Scheme is played every Thursday at approximately 16.30 IST. The price of a ticket is Rs. 50 and the top prize is Rs. 21 Lacs.

The prize tiers and prize amounts are as follows:

Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs)
1st 1 21 Lacs
2nd 1 5 Lacs
3rd 10 1 Lac
4th 10 50,000
5th 20 10,000
6th 20 5,000
7th 40 2,000
8th 40 1,000
9th 1000 500
10th 4000 200

Singam Great Evening

The Singam Great Evening draw takes place daily at 20.00 IST.

The following table displays the Singam Evening prize amounts:

Rank Prize Amount (Rs)
1st 10 Lacs
2nd 9 Lacs
3rd 500
4th 300
5th 130

Sikkim Lottery Tickets

Players can buy tickets for the Sikkim Dear Scheme, Derby Scheme and Singam Great Evening draw at an authorised lottery retailer.

Sikkim Lottery Results

Sikkim Lottery results are available in leading dailies and are also available online. Players can check if they have won a prize by visiting a local lottery agent. Authorised agents and retailers can also confirm the value of any prize winnings on a winning ticket. For more information, contact the lottery district office.

How to Claim a Sikkim Lottery Prize

Prizes above Rs. 10,000 must be claimed using a claim form, available from the Sikkim State Lottery. If you win a prize, ensure that you sign the back of your winning ticket and include your address in case the ticket gets lost and to prevent someone from using your ticket to claim a prize.