Dear 5000 Quarterly Lottery Results

The 2021 Dear 500 Quarterly Lottery draw in Punjab takes place every 3 months at Ludhiana. The first draw will take place on 29th March from 8:00pm onwards. The draw will sell only 10,000 tickets for Rs 5,000/- each, making it one of the most expensive lotteries in Punjab but also have very good odds of winning the top prize due to so few tickets being sold. The top prize will be 1 Crore awarded to the ticket number that matches the five numbers randomly drawn.

Overall there will be five levels of prizes and over 1,100 prizes in total given out during the draws, the results of which you can find posted below.

Punjab Dear 5000 Quarterly Lottery Results

The first drawing will take place on 29-03-2021 from 8:00pm onwards at the Camp Office, Ludhiana like pretty-much all bumper draws in the Punjab State.

Dear 5000 Quarterly Lottery Results for 29/03/2021
Rank Ticket Numbers Lohri Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 1 Crore
2nd TBC 20 Lakh
3rd TBC 9,000/-
4th TBC 7,000/-
5th TBC 6,000/-