Punjab Dear 100 Winner

Punjab Dear 100 Winner March 8th 2021 11:06

A homemaker from Amritsar, Punjab has had some amazing luck by winning the Punjab State Dear 100 monthly lottery. Renu Chauhan is now ₹1 crore richer after purchasing a lottery ticket that only cost her ₹100. Needless to say that Chauhan is elated with her fortunate win! Her winning ticket number was D-1222 on the draw held on February 11th.

Chauhan happily explained how blessed she felt about her win, which she said would bring some much needed relief to her modest family circumstances. “My husband runs a cloth shop in Amritsar and this bumper prize money will be a great help, so that our family can lead a smooth life.”

Chauhan claimed her win from the State Lotteries Department on Thursday 25th February.

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