Missing Big Ticket Winner

Missing Big Ticket Winner April 4th 2019 15:24

It will come as no surprise that the latest Big 10 Million Series winner is an Indian national who had bought a raffle ticket in Abu Dhabi. On Wednesday’s draw at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Ravindra Boloor has won the UAE’s famous lottery, and with it a jackpot cash prize of Dh10 million (which is around US$2.7 million). Unfortunately for him, nobody from The Big Ticket has been able to track him down yet! A source from the raffle told Gulf News that “We’ve been trying to speak to him, but unfortunately he’s not reachable. We just found out the phone number he registered with the winning ticket is not his.”

The only things shown on Boloor’s winning ticket is that he is from India but living in Abu Dhabi, and a phone number, which when called by the lottery organisers was answered by a woman, who claimed to be Boloor’s daughter. She told the draw’s host, Richard, that Boloor was in Mumbai, but would be back in the UAE within the month. Lottery officials are very keen to process this win before the next raffle begins, and have previously stated a six-month time limit on claiming wins. Organisers said, “We just want to do it as soon as possible.”

This has happened before, when another Indian national, Manekudy Varkey Mathew went missing for days after winning the Big Ticket raffle back in September 2017. Mathew had also gone home to India before finding out about his lucky win.

Global Lotteries

With no big international lottery wins last week, it means that this week sees a rollover on the UK Lotto to raise the jackpot to £11.6 million for Saturday, while the EuroMillions grows to €70 million. In the USA the Powerball jackpot has steadily increased to $68 million while the Mega Millions carries on growing to $104 million. So, could this be the weekend of another international lottery jackpot win?

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