Lottery draws restart across India

Lottery draws restart across India
June 11th 2020 15:01

Lottery draws across India have started to happen again now that some states have begun to hold lotteries on a daily basis. The draws that are taking place now are mainly rescheduled draws from March which were rescheduled due to the lockdown being placed across India due to COVID-19.

Lotteries in Nagaland restarted on 8th June and rescheduled draws will run all the way until 28.06.2020. They have also announced dates for the Dear 1000 and Dear Monthly draws to take place on 20.06.2020 and 27.06.2020 respectively. You can see in the table below the SI No, the date printed on the tickets and the revised draw date. Please remember that your tickets bought for draws in March are still valid and will be valid for the corresponding draw in the table below

Nagaland Revised Lottery Dates
SI. NoDate on TicketRevised DateSI. NoDate on TicketRevised Date

Sikkim state lotteries have also announced a reschedule of their draws from March and April to be held in June, with the revised dates below. As above, please do not throw away your tickets for March and April draws or ask for a refund as they are now valid for the below draws:

Sikkim Revised Lottery Dates
Lottery NameDate on TicketRevised DateLottery NameDate on TicketRevised Date
Dear Respect Morning Monday30.03.202008.06.2020Dear Luck Monday30.03.202008.06.2020
Dear Admire Morning Tuesday31.03.202009.06.2020Dear Chance Tuesday31.03.202009.06.2020
Dear Cherished Morning Wednesday01.04.202010.06.2020Dear Fortune Wednesday01.04.202010.06.2020
Deasr Precious Morning Thursday02.04.202011.06.2020Dear Success Thursday02.04.202011.06.2020
Dear Treasure Morning Friday03.04.202012.06.2020Dear Benefit Friday03.04.202012.06.2020
Dear Valuable Morning Saturday04.04.202013.06.2020Dear Honour Saturday04.04.202013.06.2020
Dear Love Morning Sunday05.04.202014.06.2020Dear Prospect Sunday05.04.202014.06.2020
Dear Respect Morning Monday06.04.202015.06.2020Dear Luck Monday06.04.202015.06.2020
Dear Admire Morning Tuesday07.04.202016.06.2020Dear Chance Tuesday07.04.202016.06.2020
Dear Cherished Morning Wednesday08.04.202017.06.2020Dear Fortune Wednesday08.04.202017.06.2020
Deasr Precious Morning Thursday09.04.202018.06.2020Dear Success Thursday09.04.202018.06.2020
Dear Treasure Morning Friday10.04.202019.06.2020Dear Benefit Friday10.04.202019.06.2020
Dear Valuable Morning Saturday11.04.202020.06.2020Dear Honour Saturday11.04.202020.06.2020
Dear Love Morning Sunday12.04.202021.06.2020Dear Prospect Sunday12.04.202021.06.2020
Dear Respect Morning Monday13.04.202022.06.2020Dear Luck Monday13.04.202022.06.2020
Dear Admire Morning Tuesday14.04.202023.06.2020Dear Chance Tuesday14.04.202023.06.2020
Dear Cherished Morning Wednesday15.04.202024.06.2020Dear Fortune Wednesday15.04.202024.06.2020
Deasr Precious Morning Thursday16.04.202025.06.2020Dear Success Thursday16.04.202025.06.2020
Dear Treasure Morning Friday17.04.202026.06.2020Dear Benefit Friday17.04.202026.06.2020
Dear Valuable Morning Saturday18.04.202027.06.2020Dear Honour Saturday18.04.202027.06.2020
Dear Love Morning Sunday19.04.202028.06.2020Dear Prospect Sunday19.04.202028.06.2020

As the COVID-19 situation in India is still up in the air, many Indian residents are deciding to play lotteries from all round the world online. Playing online means you don’t need to leave your home to buy a ticket and can win much bigger prizes than those played locally in India. Head over to the tickets page to find a draw from around the globe that you might be interested in.

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