Indian wins $2 Million by mistake

Indian wins $2 Million by mistake October 29th 2020 10:40

An Indian man living in Michigan, USA has accidentally won $2 million on the Mega Millions lottery. Dearborn Heights resident 56-year-old Samir Mazahem only meant to buy one ticket for two dollars online through the Michigan Lottery app, but forgot to save his lottery numbers. So he repeated the process and mistakenly purchased two tickets instead.

"Once I figured out I had bought two tickets with identical numbers, I was a little bummed but didn’t think much about it. What I didn’t realize is that meant I would be buying a second ticket with the same numbers." The ticket numbers he chose were family birthdays: 01-05-09-10-23.

Checking on his lottery account recently he was shocked to see that he had two identical ticket wins from the same June 9th draw for $1 million each!

Speaking to the lottery organisers about his win, he said, "Saying that I was stunned is an understatement! I couldn’t believe it was real. It took several days for the reality to set in that my mistake had paid off to the tune of $2 million.”

Mazahem said that he intends buying a house with his winnings, and said, “Winning is exciting and gives me some comfort knowing that when I retire, I will have money in the bank.”

You can play Megamillions from India here.

Global Lotteries

We end October with a very healthy $127 million jackpot up for grabs on the Powerball in the USA, with the rival Mega Millions offering $118 million - both prizes life-changing amounts. In Europe the EuroMillions stands at €17 million, the Italian SuperEnalotto is an attractive €57.4 million, and the UK Lotto jackpot is worth £10.9 million. All in all, great prizes to end the month with.

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