Honest Lottery Seller hands over ticket worth Rs 6 Crore

Honest Lottery Seller hands over ticket worth Rs 6 Crore April 5th 2022 14:11

Two lottery players can thank their good fortune on a lottery ticket agent, based in Aluva, Ernakulam. Both players won great cash prizes from tickets that they purchased from Smija K Mohan, with both prizes involving a lot of honesty from 37-year-old Smija.

Chandran Chettan, also from Aluva, was contacted by Smija when she had twelve remaining bumper lottery tickets to sell. Smija even advertised to her WhatsApp group of regular lottery players, but still had no takers. "It was Sunday and our regulars were not around. However, no one was willing to buy the entire twelve. It was then that I contacted Chandran. He asked me to send the picture of the tickets and called me back with the numbers of his choice". As it turned out, Chandran had purchased the winning ticket for Rs 6 crore.

Once Smija discovered that Chandran had won she decided to give him the great news as well as his winning ticket straight away, and so she drove to his house and delivered it to him personally. Smija explained, “After the story about me handing over the winning ticket to Chandran Chettan broke, I have been receiving calls praising my honesty. However, people don’t understand that in this business, that’s all that matters. We have to be honest since we are being sustained by the hard-earned money customers pay to buy the tickets”.

Amazingly, a year on from Smija’s kind deed a 62-year-old woman from Hyderabad has taken the Rs 25 lakh second prize on another bumper lottery ticket sold by Smija! Subbarao Padmam, who is originally from Tamil, struck up a friendship with Smija after learning of her noble actions with Chandran’s winning lottery ticket. Subbarao searched for her while she was in Kerala on a pilgrimage, and the retired bank employee and the lottery ticket agent exchanged numbers when they met, later becoming Facebook friends.

Smija said, “This time she called me over the phone from Hyderabad asked me to sell her a few and hold on to them since she was planning to come down to Kerala. She paid the cost of the tickets through account transfer. After the ticket won the prize, I contacted her and she came down. It feels great to score big wins back to back!” The modest lottery ticket seller has been praised for her actions and received a lot of great publicity for her honesty and Midas touch with winning lottery tickets.

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