Four Times Lucky on Weekly E-Draw

Four Times Lucky on Weekly E-Draw April 27th 2023 16:05

Indian nationals swooped the latest The Big Ticket weekly e-draw, winning all four prizes of 100,000 dirhams. The draw for the second e-draw of April took place at Abu Dhabi International Airport on the 17th April and sees each of the winners take home the equivalent of approximately Rs 22.3 lakh.

The winners were: Krishna Prakash Karuvankavil (ticket 183668), Vinay Vas (ticket 186336), Sreejith PS (ticket 289711), Dilip Devanand Devnani (ticket 009513).

A business owner in Dubai, Karuvankavil has been playing Big Ticket promotions for at least five years and said that he will be investing his prize money into his business. He has hopes of winning the grand prize sometime soon though!

Vas has lived with his family in Dubai for over 23-years, and is a business development manager. He has been playing Big Ticket raffles since 2017 with five of his friends ever since he discovered the promotion on social media.

The third winner, Sreejith, has been living in Doha, Qatar for the last eight years. He works as a nurse and bought his first Big Ticket two years ago with a couple of his friends. Now that he has won, he plans to visit his family back home.

Devnani is the head of a business department in Dubai, and he has been playing these promotions ever since he came to Dubai two years ago. After his great fortune, he said that he plans on donating a portion of his winnings to charity and sending the remaining amount back home to India.

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