Bhagyamithra Lottery Results

The results for the Bhagyamithra Lottery in Kerala can be found below, showing the ticket numbers that have won the 1 Crore top prize. Each draw will have five first prizes of 1 Crore each, making it the first lottery to award multiple top prize winners in Kerala. There is a total of eight prize tiers and the consolation prize, and the results for each level can be found below.

Bhagyamithra Lottery draws take place monthly on the first Sunday of each month, usually from 3pm, and take place at the Kerala Lottery office in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Bhagyamithra lottery was originally supposed to start in october 2020, but this has been moved back several times and is now scheduled for 6th December 2020 to compensate for losses due to the weekly Pournami lottery being cancelled. The Pournami draw is set to restart on 31-12-2020, however if the Bhagyamithra Lottery is successful then it will replace it full time.

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Bhagyamithra Lottery Results for 6-12-2020
Rank Ticket Numbers Bhagyamithra Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 1 Crore
Consolation Prize TBC 25,000/-
2nd TBC 10 Lakh
3rd TBC 2 Lakh
4th TBC 5,000/-
5th TBC 2,000/-
6th TBC 1,000/-
7th TBC 500/-
8th TBC 300/-