Winning Lottery Jackpots through Concierge Services

Playing lotteries through an online concierge service allows you to win massive jackpots from around the world without having to leave the house, let alone the country! This method of taking part in international lottery games has proved fruitful for many players.

Winners at theLotter

There have been big winners at theLotter from all over the world, including many from India. It is a service which offers a host of international lotteries, with tickets purchased on your behalf. Here are just a few of the winners:

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Indian Wins Austria Lotto

One lucky Indian was a player known as C.J., who won a prize worth €32,161 on the Austria Lotto game in November 2018.

C.J had only signed up with theLotter in 2017 and enjoyed playing a number of international lotteries, including Australia Saturday Lotto, NZ Powerball Lotto and Spain Bonoloto. He matched five of the six winning numbers on Austria Lotto to land his biggest win, having used a random selection.

He said the payout would allow him to have a much more comfortable life, while he also declared that he would carry on playing with theLotter because 'it gives him the chance to dream'.

International El Gordo Winners

Another big Indian winner came in the Spanish Christmas Lottery El Gordo in 2019. The game, also known as Loteria de Navidad, is one of the most popular in the world as it gives away billions of euros on 22nd December every year. In the 2019 version of El Gordo, theLotter had nine players who won €50,000 each.

The spread of those nine winners showed theLotter's appeal around the world. As well as the one from India, the others came from Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Reunion, the UK and Ukraine. The winner from reunion, M.G., said it was a 'very nice Christmas present' and that it would allow her to travel to Mauritius with her family. As a disabled person, she said the win would give her a major boost.

EuroMillions Prize for South Korean

South Korean player H.S.L joined theLotter in 2017 and subscribed to his favourite lotteries so that he would never miss out on any draws. He was rewarded in July 2019 when he won €1 million on the El Millón raffle, which EuroMillions ticket holders in Spain are automatically entered into.

When theLotter contacted H.S.L to inform him of his win, he said he still couldn't believe what had happened and he needed to check for himself. His dream was to give back to society, primarily by helping disabled people in his native South Korea.

Panama Player Wins Florida Lotto

Aura Dominguez Canto, from Panama, won a US$30 million Florida Lotto jackpot on 19th July 2017 after playing through theLotter. She had only been taking part for a few weeks after being inspired by a story about Jane Park, a teenage EuroMillions winner from the UK. She received a call from one of theLotter's customer support agents early one morning and was shocked to discover that she had won enough money to finally retire after decades of hard work.

Aura was flown in to Florida to claim her prize from the office in Tallahassee in person. She thanked theLotter for ‘taking care of everything’ and vowed to use the money to help people. Lottery concierge services do not take commission from prizes, meaning that any money you win is yours to do with as you please, and Aura chose to take the one-off cash payment of US$20.9 million.

Baghdad Man Lands Oregon Megabucks Jackpot

An Iraqi man won US$6.4 million on Oregon Megabucks on 24th August 2015. The Baghdad resident, known only as M.M, was granted anonymity by the Oregon Lottery to ensure the safety of his family in Iraq. He had to receive a visa for travel before flying to Oregon, and received the full jackpot amount. The money will be paid over 25 years in annual instalments of $256,000 before taxes.

How Concierge Services Work

Concierge services such as theLotter send locally-based agents to buy tickets on behalf of players, before scanning them, uploading them to their account and securing them in a safe at the local office. Smaller prizes are paid immediately to winners, with the concierge's claims team guiding big winners through the process of collecting their payout. With theLotter, some big winners have to be flown out to receive their money.

Other online services work slightly differently. LotteryWorld, for example, allows you to bet on the results of draws from abroad. All of the prizes are insured so you are still guaranteed to receive any amount you win. You don’t have to travel to receive winnings, though, as you will be helped through the validation process before the money can be wired to your bank account.

Lotteries that are available to play from India include American games Powerball and Mega Millions as well as Europe's multinational EuroMillions lottery. Visit the Lottery Tickets section to learn more. See the How to Play International Lotteries page for details on the process of playing international lotteries from India.