Winning Lottery Jackpots through Concierge Services

Playing lotteries through an online concierge service allows you to win massive jackpots from around the world without having to leave the house, let alone the country! This method of taking part in international lottery games proved fruitful for an Iraqi man who won US$6.4 million on Oregon Megabucks on 24th August 2015.

The Baghdad man, who was granted anonymity by the Oregon Lottery to ensure the safety of his family in Iraq, had been taking part in draw games around the world through theLotter for a few months when he decided to try his luck at Megabucks. M.M., as he is referred to, discovered his good fortune when he received a call from one of the service’s customer support agents whilst driving to the bank.

The concierge service sends locally-based agents to buy tickets on behalf of players, before scanning them, uploading them to their account and securing them in a safe at the local office. Smaller prizes are paid immediately to winners, with the concierge’s claims team guiding big winners through the process of collecting their payout. In M.M.’s case, he was flown to Oregon in December 2015 after receiving a visa for travel, presented with his physical ticket and was able to stake his claim in person. See the How to Play International Lotteries page for details on the process of playing international lotteries from India.

M.M. received the full jackpot amount, which will be paid over the next 25 years in annual installments of $256,000 before taxes. Lottery concierge services do not take commission from prizes, meaning that any money you win is yours to do with as you please. The winner praised the service he had received and the assistance of the staff involved in helping him collect his winnings, vowing to continue playing international lotteries from Iraq.

theLotter began providing players across the world with access to gigantic lottery jackpots in 2002 and since then has created 1.7 million winners who have banked a combined US$35 million in prizes. M.M.’s US$6.4 million haul is the largest paid out to one of the company’s members so far.

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