Dear 1000 Results

Nagaland Dear 1000 ticket imageThe Dear 1000 lottery in Nagaland is new for 2020 and the first draw will take place on 28-03-2020 from 8pm onwards. The first prize is 5 Crore, that will be paid out as two prizes of 2.5 Crore paid to one ticket in both the A and B series.

In total there are eight prize tiers, with the second prize still being a whopping 1 Crore. The prizes start at Rs 4000/- for the eighth-place prize and continue to increase to the first prize. Tickets cost just Rs 1000/-.

In total there are two lakh tickets being sold in two series labelled A and B. The results will be announced in the table below from 8pm onwards live on the 28th March 2020.

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The 21-day lockdown imposed in India means this draw has been delayed. More information on lotteries in Nagaland and India can be found here, or you can click the banner above to enter a lottery online.

Nagaland Dear 1000 Results for 2020

The first Dear 1000 draw will take place on 28-03-2020. You can see the latest results below along with the prize ranks and the winning amounts.

Nagaland Dear 1000 Results for 2020
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount (Rs)
1st TBC 2.5 core
2nd TBC 1 Crore
3rd TBC 10 Lakhs
4th TBC 10,000
5th TBC 8,000
6th TBC 6,000
7th TBC 5,000
8th TBC 4,000