Manipur State Lottery

Lottery players in the state of Manipur have the chance to win prizes worth up to Rs. 27 lakh three times a day, thanks to the Singam Daily Lottery. Find out about all the Manipur Lottery draws that take place, how to play, and all the prizes on offer.

Manipur Lottery Draws

The Manipur Lottery holds three draws every day of the week. These ‘Singam’ draws each offer a top prize of Rs. 27 lakh. Find out more about each of these draws below.

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Singam Daily Lottery

Singam draws take place three times a day in Manipur and tickets cost Rs. 6. There’s a morning draw at 11:00am, a day (or noon) draw at 3:00pm, and an evening draw at 7:00pm. Each draw is given a different name but they are otherwise the same, with the same ticket price and prizes. The table below displays all of Manipur’s Singam Daily Lotteries and the day on which each one is held:

Draw Day Morning Day Evening
Monday Singam Tagetes Singam Foxglove Singam Candytuft
Tuesday Singam Helenium Singam Wedelia Singam Kalmia
Wednesday Singam Anemone Singam Sedum Singam Dahlia
Thursday Singam Gerbera Singam Echium Singam Ursinia
Friday Singam Verbena Singam Nepeta Singam Nemesia
Saturday Singam Alyssum Singam Honesty Singam Freesia
Sunday Singam Begonia Singam Vinca Singam Flumeia

You can buy tickets from any licensed retailer in Manipur but not online. Just tell the retailer which lottery you want to enter and they will give you a ticket with a unique eight-digit combination on it.

Your ticket will start with two numbers from 70 to 99 and a letter from A to K – together these three digits form the ticket series. That will be followed by a five-digit number between 00000 and 99999. Three crore tickets are issued for every draw.

You win prizes by matching some or all of the digits on your ticket with the ones randomly selected in the lottery. Match the First Prize combination exactly to win Rs. 27 lakh. The table below shows all the prizes available in Manipur Singam lotteries:

Prize Rank No. Prizes Prize Amount Match to Win
1st Prize 1 ₹27 lakh 1 x eight-digit number (single series)
Consolation Prize 300 ₹10,000/- 1 x five-digit number (all remaining series)
2nd Prize 3,000 ₹5,000/- 10 x five-digit numbers (all series)
3rd Prize 3,000 ₹1,000/- 10 x four-digit numbers (all series)
4th Prize 3,000 ₹700/- 10 x four-digit numbers (all series)
5th Prize 3,0000 ₹500/- 100 x four-digit numbers (all series)

The number of prizes displayed in the table are across all series. For example, one five-digit number will be selected for the Consolation Prize and then every ticket that matches that number (the series does not matter) wins the prize. There are 300 series of tickets, so 300 players can potentially win that prize.