Coronavirus Lottery Updates

As of March 25th, India was placed into lockdown for 21 days with residents ordered to stay at home as much as possible. This will affect lottery draws throughout the country as tickets have already been sold for draws that were meant to take place in the next three weeks, such as bumper draws that take place in many states.

Tickets that have already been sold in draws that were due to take place in the next 21 days will still be valid and you should store them in a safe place. Most states will follow what the Kerala state government originally planned, and that is to run the draws once the lockdown is over for draws which have already sold tickets.

If a draw has not sold any tickets and was due to take place in the next 21 days then it has likely been cancelled. We have collated the information from the main lottery playing states below and will update this if anything changes. You can also find the answers to some quick questions at the bottom of this page.

Playing Online

Indians can play lotteries online and still win huge prizes- most of them bigger than any bumper lottery any state has to offer. You just have to buy your entry online and all prizes will be sent to your account or bank directly. Take a look at some of the draws you can enter below and the prizes on offer:

Sorry, but these lotteries cannot be played online from the country you are in. If you are using a VPN, please turn it off in order to play from India.

Play Powerball
₹12.6 Billion!
Wednesday 12th August
Play Mega Millions
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Friday 14th August
Play EuroMillions
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Friday 14th August

State Notices


Kerala was the first state to announce a suspension on lottery sales even before the country was placed in 21-day lockdown. Originally all tickets sales were stopped until 31st March and draws from 1st – 14th April were cancelled, with draws that were meant to take place between 23rd and 31st March rescheduled to take place at the start of April.

Follow updates on this page to see when rescheduled draws are taking place, for example the Pournami draw scheduled for 22/03/2020 took place on 02/06/2020..


Draws in the state have been cancelled until further notice. Tickets can be refunded at sellers, stockists or Post offices in the state rather than keeping them for a rescheduled draw.


There have been no announcements on the sale of tickets or the delay of draws as of today.


On 2rd March the director of Sikkim state lotteries ordered that no draws be conducted until further notice to try and contain the coronavirus situation in the state and to comply with the 21-day lockdown rules. Sikkim lottery draws are now scheduled to restart on 08/06/2020, although no dates have been announced for rescheduled draws for tickets that have been sold before the lockdown started.


To prevent the spread of coronavirus, all draws conducted in Nagaland are cancelled with effect from 23.03.2020 until further notice. There has been no official word on if tickets for draws that were due to take place will be valid for draws or if these draws will be rescheduled.

West Bengal

There have been no announcements on the sale of tickets or the delay of draws as of today.


There have been no announcements on the sale of tickets or the delay of draws as of today.


All lottery draws in the state are suspended from 23.03.2020 onwards due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the Rajshree bumper draws. It has not been announced whether tickets bought in advance of draws will still be valid or if these draws will take place again at a later date.

Quick Questions

Are lottery draws still taking place in India?

Most states have officially suspended draws and stopped ticket sales as of 23.03.2020 and will be rescheduled for a later date. People in India can still enter draws online.

Will my tickets still be valid for cancelled draws?

It is likely that your ticket will still be valid for the draw it was bought for when the draw takes place at a rescheduled date, so do not throw it away. If draws are not rescheduled then they will be refunded.

Can I get a refund on ticket I have already bought?

Most shops will be closed for the 21-day lockdown so we do not expect you would be able to get a refund and do not advise going to do so. Instead hold onto your ticket as it will likely be valid later on or can be refunded when shops re-open.

Can I play lotteries online in India?

Yes you can, and all prizes will be paid into your lottery account and can be withdrawn to your bank easily. Just choose which lottery you want to enter to get started.